Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Such Sweetness in all the Goo

I'm coping with my crazy slinky sinuses as I write...on my 3rd round of homeopathy, as my symptoms came back...and have a stash of antibiotics from the doc singing seductively in my back pocket with a steroid nose inhaler quietly waiting in the wings. Working and thinking, even resting, are a challenging task, and I have no idea at this point what tomorrow or the next day will bring. Just doing my best one little effort at a time!

Although in this moment, I feel optimistic, I am very aware of the feeling of cement shoes on my feet and the compression in my head, as I attempt to get done the things that have to get done.

I'm wondering how my body will find a way to remove the cement shoes and bring lightness to my dear aching head . . .

I am amazed at the complexity of the tiniest of tiny, as my body's immune system rallies, like beacons of light and desire. The wild ones gather, knowing what to do without thought, without directions . . . they just listen, instinct alive, as they carry out their loving purpose and strive to find me new shoes to wear. My health is their desire, fulfilling my wishes, as the heaviness my human self feels at this moment, is making the simplest of daily tasks a monumental feat! 

Waiting for my dinner to reveal itself (it's in the oven), I stare at the floor and admire the Kleenex box my mother hand-painted that usually just sits quietly on display. Through all this, it has been given the great task of taking tender care of this weary body and wee tired soul, striving to find her way back to a clear head. A tenderness flows as I reach to my mother's hand-painted box for a kleenex.  And I see that, even with all this . . .  my heart opens and I smile as I remember her.