Saturday, February 22, 2014

When Choosing a Teacher becomes Good Self Care

A big topic for the Wild Woman is self care. When we begin to delve into it in the beginning or are heavily into it it's sometimes difficult to know which way to go and who to engage to help you along the path.

Then there is the aspect of teachers and healers. How do you choose the right one?

The other day someone said they were looking for a Reiki teacher and didn't know how they could know if they were genuine. Another asked about looking for healer and was  interested in finding out more about the spiritual path, hoping to find someone to work with but wondering how they could know if they were the right person. 

These are EXCELLENT questions. As choosing the right teacher and or healer, is an act of self care and is crucial on the Wild Woman Path.

If you are asking this question or resonating with it, then in my opinion, you are on the path and in fact on your way to being a master  of the path, as many do not even ask this question. Many forms of teaching can be quite diluted in their training and it's not that this is a bad thing, but it is good to look for the source and get as close to it as you can. The teachings from teachers who have the original empowerments, or wrote the book, or developed the system of healing, are the best to learn from as it is a more pure teaching.

With something like Reiki, and I realize this can be a hot topic, but for the sake of understanding, let's talk about it for just a moment.

Reiki has broken off into different lineages. The true lineage in the very beginning was the Usui lineage. If you want to have a more pure teaching, then finding someone who has this lineage in Reiki, will move you in that direction.

It's not to say the other is bad. It is only to say, that the teaching is different and not as close to the source as it could be if you were learning and receiving from someone trained directly in that lineage.

This goes as well for empowerments for example. Let's say for Green Tara. If you can get an empowerment from someone who is closer to the source of where the teaching comes from, that is good. It will be a strong empowerment and help you.

I am like this too. I feel it out. I like to go as close to the source of the birth of the healing modality or teaching system or written book as I can. I ask. I research. I make sure it feels right. I follow my gut. Listen to my intuition. See the synchronicities. As a Wild Woman, I gather information. And that comes from what I see, feel, know, intuit and acknowledge.

Of course getting to the source is not always possible. But getting close to it or being taught in the lineage from the source is and being aware of this is important.

BUT, don't get all hung up about this either.

The bottom line is this…

Choosing a teacher  or healer along the path is a good self care practice. We often don't think of it like this. But the reality is that it's something to be aware of and the questions above are fabulous insightful questions and very caring of your self. It is your journey and you are the one that has to take it, so caring about what comes along is a loving thing to do for yourself.

How do your find the right teacher or healer for you?

Look for someone with a good lineage or the person who is the creator or author themselves. Talk to them, get to know them. Read what they write. Go to their classes. And follow your intuition. See if it's a good fit for you.

Get a good feel for the teacher or healer that you are looking for. Some have good teachings and lineages, but they haven't done their personal work, so this is something to consider. You must feel good about who is teaching and who that person is along side of the teaching. Don't get all ga ga eyed. They can be well trained and just not the right fit or lacking in an important area in themselves or their delivery of the material for your growth as a wild woman on the path.

Listen deeply to your self and what you feel as well. Choosing the right teacher or healer along the Wild Woman path is important self care. And well, we Wild Women know, all aspects of self care are really important, and that choosing the right teachers and healers is an act of self care.

I hope that helps a little in your journey and along your path as you search for and find your teachers and healers. They are out there. And they are listening for you. Like they say "when the student is ready, the teacher will come."

I also think, "When the teacher is right, the student will know" :)

Much love,

~Elizabeth xo


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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Big Dose of Wild Love

I was just sitting here the other day thinking about Valentine's day and what it means. I have to admit, I don't always take the time to celebrate it. But this year, one of my words for the year, in fact my main word for the year that I want to manifest more of for my self, is love.

And I found myself doing this video for you. And thought, yup choosing a sacred word and acknowledging to your self that is what you want more of in your life, or to expand on or to revel in, is magical. My dream gets closer and closer each year I do this. I highly recommend  you give it a try.

In fact, it wasn't until writing this to you now, that I even made the connection that my word is love and I'm writing you on Valentine's Day and I'm offering you a love price for a reading with me!  See how amazing our intentions are and how the Universe conspires to help us once we know! I just got my mind blown right here, writing you. Love it!

So please take a look to see how to give your self a little self love on this lovely day of remembering our worth.

It's important to remember your worth.

There is a code word in there for you (I like to play!) so you can receive my special Valentine's love offer.

Here's the link... Let me know what you think of my 2nd video!!!! It feels like such a big accomplishment. Love that you are on the journey with me.  There's that word again ;)

Watch the video here! 

I hope you enjoy the video. You'll see some other members of the tribe talking about their experiences working with me.
Oh, and you can see the Reading Room too. I lean over at the end to give you a peak inside where the magic happens. (And Reilly, my cat, makes a special magical appearance out of the blue!)

Once you watch the video, here's the link to go to so it's easy….

Book your reading here

Thank you for being on this journey with me Wild Woman.
Happy Valentine's Day! Do something nice for your self today.


~Elizabeth xo
PS Here's the long link for you to see the video, just in case!

Founder of Wild Woman Enchanted

Hi! I"m Elizabeth MacLeod and I love that you are here. 

I'm finding the meaning of being human through real connection in a light-hearted yet content way with love,  devotion and endearment . . . safely. 

And Happiness rides with me when she can. And when she can't, I look for her in the wild. I always find her there It's like MAGIC. I love magic. 

I'm here to guide your path to the Wild Woman. 

You can arrive there too. 
I'll show you how. 

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The 12 Wild Woman Rules for your Life

I'm not going to worry about life anymore. It doesn't serve my higher purpose. It all doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is love.

I remember coming into my mother's living room after she had died. I sat on her couch by the bay window as I had so many times before, and looked around. I looked at the wall unit, the pictures, the fancy bowls and books, the hen soup bowl, the sterling silver pickle dish. All was still. All stood there. They couldn't go with her. She had carefully kept all things. And not one thing, could go with her. It was in that moment, I realized… what it meant when they say "You can't take it with you." Because you really can't take it with you.

But what was left?

I sat there. All I could do was feel. And what I felt was love. Through it all. I could feel the Universe. It was so much more than we could ever hope to know in our lifetime.

And that's what was there instead. And… that's all you have. Love. And it's massive. It takes away all the other pains and worries. Seriously. Didn't mean I wasn't going to cry or feel sad… but what I was going to feel through it all. Love. What did my mother say to me while she could still speak… "I love you. I really do"… yes. Love. That she gave to me. I still have it. In fact it grows deeper each day, with each word I write here. Love. It stays. It grows. It travels into the unknown other world.

And so today, I sit here again. Looking around. Hearing the call of the wild… Listening to the wisdom that rises from my muse and travels through my finger tips onto my blog as I write you.

"What is it that we are trying to do here?"I ask myself.  "Why must we struggle so?" And the answer is, we don't. I'm not being glib. Really. I've just had my heart stretched. Far and deep. Again. Like the call of the wild requires.

My little warrior cat Reilly had a little blimp in her life this week which had us at the vet. I knew I had no control. What could I do? Love her. My friend Pam died  after a brave battle with Cancer this week. What could I do? Love. My friend Art died before Christmas suddenly from a heart attack. Out of the blue. What could I do? Love.

That's all there is really. Love.

Why get all tied up in a knot about it? If you don't love what you you are doing, what could you do? Love … what you are doing? If you aren't loving it… change it to what you do love. There is no point to do anything else. Really.

So here are the rules I've decided I'm going to live by. It's all we need to know.

The 12 Wild Woman Rules for Life

1. Eat what you love
2. Sleep when you need to
3. Pee when it calls

4. Rest when you feel to
5. Attune to what makes you happy
6. Go where you are called

7. Let your heart speak
8. Sit under the moon
9. Be okay with the in-between

10. Feel in your bones
11. Follow the guide inside
12. Love deeply. And then love some more.

Regardless of where we come from or what we do . . . whether we see ourselves or not . . . we can love. It's in our make-up and our DNA and our genes and our tangled, not by not combing, hair. All we have to do, is do it in our own way. That's all. And if you need help finding out how to do that  do find a guide to help you. It's worth it.

But don't end up sitting in the living room of your soul, wondering what else you could have done. Because you can do it now… What else you could have done, can begin today so you never even have to ask that question. All you need to do, is Love.

That's all.

Blessed be Wild Woman…

I love you…

Elizabeth xo

 About Elizabeth MacLeod BMus. PDTC. PCC

I'm finding the meaning of being human through real connection in a light-hearted yet content fashion with love, devotion, and endearment . . . in a safe and wild way.  

And happiness rides with me when she can. And when she can't, I look for her in the wild. I always find her. It's like magic.

I'm here to guide your path to the Wild Woman and all that she is.

You can arrive there too. I'll show you how.

You can start here with what many call "Life's cheat sheet" which really means I give you creative ways to live a more wild and free life. Get it here. It's FREE! And it's for you.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What now? How to turn on your Wild Woman Power

It's so inspiring to see what happens when I'm with my clients. The "wow's", a-Ha's, the connections that are made, the pathways that open, the healing hearts, the shift in perspectives. But what I love doing most is whispering to the wild, when we talk to the parts of ourselves, to our body and our lives that are out of line so that we can determine what to do now with what is being presented.

In that place, in an instant, there is a shift. A knowing.  An acceptance of power. A perspective that wasn't there a minute ago. A healing.  In the last few weeks, I've been witness to connections being re-lit, money blocks broken, heart's open, playfulness returning and some big shifts in self knowing.

It all lies in our knowledge of where we are and asking the Wild Woman question "What now?" Not asking "What's next?" That keeps us in the future. And we can't move from the future. The Wild Woman asks "What now?" opening the door for the truth to walk in and be of service to you. Of course, that brings more wildness, happiness and success!

Here's the deal about "What now?"

You don't have to stay where you are if you are not happy. You don't have to try to figure out what's next when you don't know where you want to be now? You don't have to vision your business 5 years down the road, because it will probably change anyways. You don't have to stop grieving the loss of someone, just because you think you should. You just don't have to do anything that is not working for you. You just don't. Period. End of story.

The Wild is a deep in the trenches way of life. You've got to dive in and get dirty, maybe even rub yourself in the dirt like chickens naturally love to do to clean off the parasites! Trying to do it the way you've always done and wanting it to change, just doesn't work.

You can't get somewhere you want to be that's different by doing the same thing that didn't work yesterday. It just doesn't work.

I hear this over and over "Well, I know what has worked for me in the past, so I'll just do that . . . maybe it will help." or "If I just wait for a bit, maybe it will change" or "I feel as if the wind was taken out of my sails and I don't know what to do. I'll just wait and see." or "I don't know what to do, so I'll just do nothing for now" or "I just need to stay in their life so they know I"m still there even if they don't say thank you or even acknowledge me and it hurts"

It's time not to react. It's time maybe not even 'to do' anything . . . but it is time to Acknowledge "What now?"

We get lost in our stories of the past, forget how we can shape our future. We stay in one of those two places. It could be because of pain, or fear or training or programming we learned. Maybe there's a loop in your brain that takes you down a particular path of habitual self talk and like an automatic loop in the computer, it just keeps repeating and getting you nowhere.

But the Wild is a way of being, and it demands for us to listen and to respond without judgement to the cues and signals sent through us, from us and our body and from everything around us.  And it calls for us to be involved in what's happening in our life.

It's okay that you can't figure out what to do next. That's not the point.  The Wild Woman asks instead "what now? This is the question that needs to be answered. Society takes us on the 'what's next?" journey. It's good to know where you want to go, but if you don't know where you are, it's hard to get there!  Where do you want to go now, today. That is what will begin the shift into tomorrow.

How do you know when you've handed over your power?

1.  You can't say no, even though in your bones, you know you really need to
2.  You feel unhappy with how things are going
3.  You are dragging your self to do things
4.  You are grieving and you judge your self if you can't seem to climb out
5.  Your get up and go, got up and went
6.  You just can't seem to feel better
7.  You feel alone.
8.  You feel stuck in the patterns and habits in your life that don't make you happy
9.  You don't want to do what the doctor said you 'should' do but you do it anyways without question
10 You do the same thing over and over and over again and nothing changes
11. You can't seem to digest your food too well
12. You can't let go of what you know is not working

We've given up knowing that we know when to shift. We've forgotten that we don't have to just put on a stiff upper lip or sacrifice for love or just 'keep going'. This has become normal in our world.

But the wild, it knows and whispers to us. It speaks to our body. We can hear if we just take the time to acknowledge where we are. Once we do that, the next step magically appears. Some call it intuition. Some call it physic. Some call it talking to the soul. Some call it an inner knowing. Some call it taking a chance. Some call it meditation. Some call it "I just knew". Some call it a gut feeling.

I call it Wild Whispering. 

You can feel so aligned when you sync yourself up with your Soul. When you listen deeply. When you come at it from this angle, you have a different perspective. This allows you to move differently too. And that new movement can help open what to do now. And peacefulness and direction comes.

But remember to open your eyes when it arrives. Be sure to see all the newness walking on to your path. Because it's a place of knowing which in itself is powerful. Be sure not to miss it!

The signs are so 'normal', meaning that we have been programmed to think this way or stuck in a habit, that we often just keep going because that is what society says or what we've learned and what we were trained to do. We follow our habits, or live with the pain, or just think it can't get better or don't know why it's not changing.

You don't need to know the answer before you get there. You just need to know where you are at. Right now. Say the truth to yourself. Be real. Speak to your heart with sheer and direct integrity.

Just that alone will set you free.  You will probably feel lighter, like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders. You might even feel an exhilaration as it passes through your body. A whole new kind of clarity as you've got some roots into that place.

 Now you've turned on your power.  Just by asking two words "What now?"

Go with it. Feel it. Trust it. Feel it's thrust. It's gentleness. It's truth. Because it knows you and will take you right where you need to go. To the exact perfect place for you. And only you Wild Woman.


When writing you here, I decided to pull a Wild Woman Mystery Card asking what is needed here to help you with turning on your power and aid in your Wild Whispering. I pulled the Wild Woman Grace Card.

I smiled. It's so right on.

Here is some of what she says….

"Grace is manifest in you. She breathes through the eyes of your soul, always opening, never leaving. She expands into joy everlasting. Her unconditional being envelops her every move with such gentleness and brings an awe so full, that to grow beyond simply happens."

This is what happens when you align with your wild self. So while you practice Wild Whispering, call on Grace. She will carry you places, that you never thought could even exist, at least not in that form!

When you have nothing else and all your bridges have been burned. That's when Grace comes. When all is lost, that's when Grace will come.

So don't worry. The Universe has got your back. It's not always the thing you want, but it's the thing you need. It might not give you what you think you want, but when in despair, and you don't even know what you are asking for, sometimes those are the best prayers because you don't even know what you want . . . so Grace comes.


Now go, activate your power. I would love to hear your thoughts and what you discover in the comments below. Let's empower one another!

With love,
~Elizabeth xo

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth MacLeod. I'm so glad you are here. Welcome!

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