Saturday, May 21, 2016

Know you Rest in the Arms of the Wild . . . Always . . .

I am not who I was
or who I will be

I am simply that which I am
in the moment
in this breath

It is never far from my mind
that we are from another
place from which we return

But it is also
a remembering
that is often fraught with bumps

And niggles of yesterday
And pullings to tomorrow

I don’t know how mastery of this life

I do know, that there is something greater than me
that I have a most difficult time remembering
to tap into

Not that I don’t know, because I do
But it’s that access, that tapping into,
That place that orchestrates my life

It is this place I think I am seeking
It is this place I think I want to know
It is this place where I find alignment

So I travel in the "unknown to man” place

The place prophets are allowed and revered
and the rest of us pretend we have no grip to
and I walk as if I don’t know.

But, I do.
I do know.
It’s keeping the link that is the work

once you find it.

And so my day is fraught again with purpose
the kind of purpose no one talks about
but seek in the office of therapists and healers

Looking for what they think is a better life
when really, all it is,
is touching down with your self

Finding that link
and knowing how to walk inside it…
and know it’s … your… power.

It is all there for us.
Everyone of us…
This is the secret kept from man

But when you know it,
Then it is a secret kept from yourself
A key you need to learn to use

A lock that can turn and open
to a new life
every day

Every moment
in this breath

That is the clear
and unadulterated

The power of this moment.
It is the key
the opening

the secret you seek
that is with you all the time
it’s just a remembering
that is needed.

That is all …
That is everything …
That. is the power of the “I am”

And so I walk

and when I connect with my self
I feel it
and the littlest of little smiles
starts in my lips

and I kiss the knowing.
I feel it enter into my skin
And once again,

My power rises in me
in a way that is only known
when that which you seek
is found

and you realize,

You already knew … 
You were already the creator ...
You were already connected ...

You realize, 
that which you were seeking 
 was you.

Stay wild,

~Elizabeth xo

About Elizabeth MacLeod
Author of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards
Founder of Wild Woman Enchanted

I want to live in a world where women feel connected to their power, beauty, grace, glory and wildness . . . a world where we can have fun and evolve into our true selves safely and with love.

I play everyday with creating beautiful things, stretching the depths of my inner edges and dreaming up new ways to light up and serve the world.

I explore the evolution of the feminine with the wild, which really means, I explore mindful connection with your true self and the planet, which really means, I explore love.

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