Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Cricket's Song

I was so moved by this . . . I wanted to share it with you on this Christmas Day. It is amazing what is around us all the time in our Wild Temple we call Earth. It is a beautiful Thing. May your Christmas be filled with such beauty.

Sending you many Wild and Wonder-filled Blessings. 

Merry Christmas Wild One . . . 


~Elizabeth xo

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magic in the Sky - the Dancing Dakini's!

Magic was everywhere tonight! This is my front yard as the day was turning to night. It was misty outside and so magical, and I was in the midst of computer duldrums and necessary tasks of the day, and actually feeling somewhat tired and stressed as the day was coming to a close. I realized that soon the misty magic of the Halfmoon Bay forest was about to fall into night and be gone.

I felt a pull to go outside to see if I could capture the Harry Potter feel just outside my door. It was magnificent and right out my window all day. I could feel my mood lift just at the thought of going out in it! As I went out, I was thinking "If I could capture this beauty, I could share it with everyone on Facebook." And my mundane mood began to lift even more. The adventure began. I wasn't aware of what was about to happen.

I pointed my camera to the South west and my flash went on, even though there was still some daylight. "Hmmm" I thought. I checked out the picture that was just taken.

To my surprise, my pictures didn't turn out that way at all. The magic out there was so phenomenal it stunned me.  My picture was filled with little orbs or what I know better known as Dakinis. I pointed my camera and took another shot as to the naked eye, it was a clear beautiful, misty kind of day, turning into night.  There were no little orbs, no beautiful Dakinis as I pointed my camera into the forest sky . . .  only trees on a clear misty dawning twilight.

Again, more! And I pointed it again. And again, more! I ran around the house, pointing my camera into the sky...and more and more...

I can't help but think that perhaps the unusual pull to go out with my camera, to leave my computer and my daily tasks, to slide on my blue crocs and go out in the cold . . .  sweaterless . . .  to capture the moment . . . was because the energy and love surronding my home was abundantly beautiful, fully supporting, magically uplifting. It was all around me even though invisable to my naked eye.

The way of the wild . . . that place that calls us for some reasons that we just can't logically know . . . makes me believe even more in the unseen, in our primal instincts, our qualified intuition and the magic and power of our knowing that lives in us at all times, even when we are on the computer! Had I not listened to the pull, I would have missed this and stayed in my humdrum space and missed sharing it with you!

Dakinis are described as a "female embodiment of enlightened energy."* This makes brilliant sense to me.  I will share with you a picture of my den, filled with Dakini's on the inside from a few years ago.... check it out below!  They are there, just a little harder to see so I closed the curtain to the window to see if they would show a little more... you can see one on the top of the couch and then another over by the yellow curtain and a few little ones on the blue wall. No those are not spots on the wall, they are little Dakini's!

Here you can see many too! No, those are not spots on the blue wall!

So they have been here for a while showing up and sharing the enlightened energy. Here are a couple more pictures from outside tonight. They were everywhere. I took pictures from all angles wondering if they would keep showing up! And they did...over and over again. This one below is the driveway where the driveway doesn't even show! This is completely unusual. There is no driveway here, but really, there is a driveway out there, right in the middle... This is to the Southeast.

Even  my wee warrior cat Reilly came to join me so I thought I'd take a picture to see if they still would show... here we are together... surrounded!!!  Not a great picture but you get the magical drift!!!  Look at the mist and the orbs! 

I feel so supported, fully held, magical transformed, beautifully adventurous, and incredibly blessed. There is magic all around tonight...and I couldn't wait to share it with you.
*"In Tibetan language, Dakini is "rendered Khandroma which means "she who traverses the sky" or 'she who moves in space'" Sometimes in poetry we hear people use terms like 'Sky Dancer' or 'Sky Walker'. Tonight, my sky dances, and she who traveres the sky is here with me for me to see and acknowledge and share and take part in. I can feel my energy lifting higher and higher.

Here are a few more for you... They were everywhere! I'm speechless! 

 And here they are from the North . . . above the roof and into the forest . . .

For the last picture of many, I will leave you with the Blue Spruce to the west on my property as it gives the feel of Christmas. You can see my house to the right just barely!   It was a magical moment filled with wonder. . . the sky clear to the naked eye as twilight was approaching and filled with the unseen magic we all possess at all times that my little canon camera picked up. This is available to us always, if we just listen to that inner pull, that little niggle to do something a little differently from before....we can always access this a little more easily than we think and it can be right in your front yard!

 I hope you also experience much magic this holiday season. As we dive into the first week of December, I can't help but think, this is what is around us all the time. Beauty, magic, love coming in many forms. Tonight, I experienced being embraced in a way I never imagined. 

I wish the same for you. 

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*These quotes I've taken from Wikipedia and their definitions of  Dakini's. Just click here on Dakinis, if you'd like to know more and it will take you right to it.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How SARK it is!

                                                            SARK and me by the Pacific Ocean!
Jumping for dreams coming true! More exciting adventures to share with you about the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self.

Last October I had the pleasure of meeting SARK - best-selling author & artist. (Remember the book Succulent Wild Woman? Well, that's her! I love that book!)  She is a really wonder-full woman (FOR REAL!), and shed so much inspiration my way . . . AND to my complete and utter joy after seeing my Wild Woman Mystery Cards, she leaned forward and said "Your cards are great! I would ENDORSE them!"

In that moment, as some of you know, I lifted off my seat and landed in her lap, both of us giggling and laughing! Oh be still my heart! (That's me in the green sweater and dear SARK in the blue!) (Can  you believe it? One of the women caught it on CAMERA!!!!)  Gotta love magical moments ;)

SARK had beautiful things to say to me and beautiful things to say about the Wild Woman Mystery Cards. Click here to see what she said about them!

And now, that incredible time, and her beautiful endorsement is there . . .  in print . . .  on the Wild Woman Mystery Cards and on the box that embraces them until they get to you.  How sweet is the sound of meeting your dream! 

In a previous blog I wrote last February called "the Birth of a Wish" you can see how my dream all started . . . before I even had this book,  I knew one day, SARK would be on the back of mine.

I imagined it then, sitting in the bath, with my hand-painted Wild Woman Stones from the beach and my little home-made computer booklet with the stories of the stones I had written beside me. I lay back and closed my eyes and let my mind wander into the recesses of my inner space filled with magic beyond our comprehension.

I let myself imagine, things that I never thought about really coming true. There was no thought about this is what I want. It was really more like painting a story that could be true created by me in the secret place of creation. That place we all possess, and yet don't spend enough time in. That place we don't give enough credit to when our life unfolds beyond what we think is imaginable. Because when we plant the seed and let it grow, watering and tending it without interfering and giving it what it needs as it expands into our world . . . it is then that we see what magnificent creators we are. 

I only imagined my book with testimonials of those who had inspired me. . . and there was SARK . . . front row and center. You can imagine me taking that all in on my ride home. It was not planned . . . unless I think of those nights years and years ago in the bath tub creating my future.

It may have been just wishing then,  or perhpaps not even that . . . maybe just a made up story about what would be really neat if it happened. But maybe that's all life really is. The story we create every day in every moment. If we knew of it's power, maybe we would be much more vigilant with our thoughts!

But never the less, let's say that is what our life is. That it begins as a wish ... and that wishes turn to dreams . . . and dreams . . .  turn to reality. . .  when you follow the calling of that deep, delicious desire that has no boundaries when sung from the heart inside the secret place of inner creation within our soul. That's where it all begins . . . sitting in the warm bath, eyes closed, soft music soothing the soul, and we are present to our calling under the candle light and innocence and simple envisioned desire.

Yes, that night, I was more brilliant than I ever knew!

© Elizabeth MacLeod 2011               

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cats, Dogs and Elephants

It's raining cats, dogs and elephants today. I haven't been a fan of the rain these days as we've had so much of it, but when it pours like this, there is a beauty that takes me close to myself. I long for a fire, and imagine what it would have been like, way back when, to gather with your tribe by the fire and tell stories...the kind of stories that found their way into the cave walls, that became the stones, that traveled out to the sea and tumbled for years, holding wisdom until finding their way to the beaches where an unsuspecting woman (me) would come a long and collect them.

Little did I know, those stones traveled far and wide to reach me. And, little did I know, they were about to open into new stories, fed by the wisdom of the elders of long ago, and cherished by the new generation of now.

It is with deep honour, that I acknowledge our elders as I sit by my computer watching the rain and I find myself smiling in my belly with content. My 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, has been dialled and I am telephoning in to see the power of the stones. I am filled with energy,  and it is without a doubt, a blessing to sit under the rain today.

People have asked me for the Wild Woman Stones. I will be painting these and taking special orders until December 4, 2011. I don't know if or when I will do them again, so if you would like an original set for yourself, please email me at to place your order.

Btw, every one of these stones, is now part of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self.

© 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod                                   

Monday, October 3, 2011

6 Ways to Blossom from Nothing

Sometimes, I long for her. The irony being that when she does come to visit, I sometimes criticize her and can't stop what I'm doing to truly allow her purpose in my life to shine. I sometimes want to judge her. She appears to the naked eye to be unengaged and resistant. Her demeanor is often seen as lazy or uncommitted. But truly, that is so far from her truth.

Do you know her? Her name is 'Nothing' and she is the great teacher of acceptance and allowing all that is. She truly is a master of self care. As keen as an owl in her wisdom, she knows deeply that to be who she is meant to be, space is required. Allowing things to sift, is something Wanting has some difficulty with. She is not as patient, and often likes to try to push her into things before she is ready. But that doesn't seem to bother her. She just sits doing anything but something for as long as she does.

Her mind is clear and when she sits back with her eyes closed and her to do lists and vision boards awaiting her attention, she smiles at the knowledge that her presence is necessary for all of it to be genuinely completed in her truth. She knows, that if she is to really be available to herself, she needs to dream, she needs to sit staring at the wall,  she needs to empty out her mind and let go of what it thinks she should do.

Breathing is a daily practice for her. It opens her heart and frees her spirit allowing her to rest inside of herself.

She likes to veg while her lists grow and her vision board sits on the wall. She knows without a doubt, that Passion, her next door neighbour, eagerly awaits  her visit. 

One day, when you least expect it, you might find Nothing sitting on your doorstep, especially after days of busyness, melting from the sun, empty mind, like the great buddha's teachings, inviting you to join her. She may take you away from your daily tasks  and to the beach, or to watch a movie on TV even though your lists grow longer.  She'll sit there for long stretches of time, knowing that in any moment, the gift of her passage of time will emerge and she will bubble over with joy when she hears you singing your song and moving from the inside out filled with a motivation you didn't think was possible a few moments before. Because when she hears it, she knows, her work is done.

She only wishes though, that resistance wasn't quite so tenacious. She knows that where there is no resistance, there is no harm. And that is her greatest teaching. When she achieves that, she and everyone around her is so free that rejuvenation of spirit reaches quantum leaps and there is nothing that can stop a dream from flying or a person from truly taking care of themselves in every sense of the word so they can fly into the person they are meant to be.

She is one of my best friends. And one day, maybe I could introduce her to you so you can reap the benefits of her calling on your door step, seducing you into her lull and empty nest of wonder. She is so very beautiful and so very full, even though her desire is emptiness. She knows something so many of us fight  . . . that it is in the empty spaces the Divine passes through you and you come in contact with Divine in all her glory, in all her beauty, in all her creativity, in all her embrace. Such service to you is her passion.

How can you meet her?
1. Allow all activities to stop
2. Notice your breath
3. Let yourself sit or lie down with no distraction
4. Surrender into the abyss
5. Breathe
6. Stay there awhile

When you do, you will totally fall in love with her . . . and she will love you so much you will not be able to do anything else but blossom.

I adore her . . . and find I miss her when she is gone for too long.

If you would like to get to know her a little more and experience her gifts, come and experience a Wild Woman Reading with me. We can dive into the land of nothing, and see what gems live beneath her knowing. Click here to find out more or email to book your session.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bliss and me . . .

Bliss and me,

Up in a tree


First comes love, 

Then . . . 

One has to wonder how can we be separate when it is so beautiful to be 'One' . . . 

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Get hugged, like bliss in this tree!  mmmmm . . .

The picture of the card above is the Bliss card from the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self. For more about them, go here.                      Copyright 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Look who came Knocking at my Door!

"Hello" I said as Creativity walked through my door. "I'm so happy to see you!"

Creativity is such a treat. She giggles and runs and sits down at the oddest times to play with thoughts and ideas others would simply ignore. Sometimes she behaves like she's seven, filled with amazing ideas and excitement that infectiously opens you up, bringing out your best qualities of innocence, curiosity and "let's try this and see what happens" attitude!

Knowing her is to love her, and sharing her with others is an experience of humility and excitement. She has got to be one of the most interesting individuals I know . . . and one of the most joyfully deep. Her expressions never leave me unsatisfied once complete, although I have to admit, when she's deep inside a process with a particular project, she's a bit like being around an orgasm just about to happen!  But hey, ya gotta love it!  It's that kind of joy and anticipation she brings to a room. And that kind of complete bliss, peace and contentment she has when she's puts the last line, or last piece of glue, or last item on her table, is divinity in action. And the smile on her face when she finishes makes you smile yourself. She does gets a little nutty just before the end as she integrates it all, sometimes almost downright obsessed with her project leaving all else behind and often flurries of papers and buttons and all sorts of unexpected things all over the floor. 

But she knows what she's doing. If you just allow her to take you into her world, you will experience a place that is akin to the great Creator her self. The place where yin and yang meet and duality becomes one. The fusion of the two can be like a tiny big bang in your world! 

Allowing her is to be present and letting her take over is like making love. What she wants the most for you is to help you shine from within your soul and glow from the depths of your be-ingness. She feels contentment when she sees your expression of yourself in what ever form you choose and she jumps up and down in joy when she watches you participate in your own joy and utterance of yourself in any way, shape or form. She doesn't care what it is, she just loves to see you emerge immersed in it and come out smiling! She's one of those friends who cares deeply about your happiness, deeply, and can be pretty ornery when she sees you forgetting her and pushing her aside. She doesn't do that well and her mood is ever present when you won't open the door and let her in. But the thing with her is that it's you that looses out when you don't. She will never give up on you, and at the same time, with you or not, her expressions of herself are endless so you will find her doing something somewhere and making things beautiful with oodles of love and commitment pouring into everything she does.

I have to admit, when she's not around, things can be pretty quiet and mundane. I find I miss her, even her messy ways, when she's not around, even though a little break watching TV is good! If I watch TV with her, you can pretty well bet something she watches will become an idea that she will need to implement in some way, so resting is not really part of her reality. She's excited about life. She needs to be guided a little with that and really appreciates it when I tell her, "hey, how about taking a break or a little nap to re-charge." She's always surprised by how much MORE energy that gives her.

Her favorite colour is orange, so don't be surprised if you see her with orange toenails or orange feathers in her hair no matter where she is.

She is an honour to know and an intimate experience with her can change your whole life, never mind just a day!  Now that's someone that's worth knowing and allowing into your home with open arms I'd say!

The picture of the card above is the Creativity card from the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self. For more about them, go here.                     Copyright Elizabeth MacLeod 2011

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Talk to the Wild

I wonder about the world, about my life, about those around me. The other day at the naturopath, she told me that she had someone come to her that could barely make it 3 blocks, and would get there and have a 15 minute appointment and would be wiped out. She couldn't even eat solid food.

I can't help but thank my lucky stars. I felt such compassion for this woman I don't even know and expressed my wildness by sending an internal prayer her way. I didn't need to see her or even know her, I could still speak to her.

There is so much happening in the world, so much that we could be afraid of, and so much we could be thankful for and so many ways to be present in the world. I remember sitting with Susan Weed, many years ago now, learning the wise woman ways. She taught us how to talk to plants. The concept seemed so foreign to me. But really, it was all about noticing and being aware and deeply listening.

We all gathered after class, and sat in the field surrounded by all the wild ones, and there she talked of how dandelions grew close to your house because they were so good for you. She talked of how the roots were great for your liver as a tea and how the leaves were wonderful in a salad containing many vitamins. They wanted to be close to you because they could help. They were there in service to you. And dedicated to their path. They were pure love for your health. To me, they are also a thing of beauty and I wonder why we don't think so. I call them my urban sunflowers filled with the joy of being with me right there in my yard always reminding me of their goodness. I get to see her everyday and am reminded that she is here for me. Her relentless ways, are always present. She is really so loveable.

Then she talked of Golden Seal, a plant you only need when you are really sick. This beautiful wild beauty is a natural antibiotic and you may only need to take it 2ce in your life. It grows far away and you have to go and find it in order to pick it to use. It's interesting to think about listening without words. Did you know, that if you feel like you might need Golden Seal, and you build your house around a big field of it, that within a few years it will die and it will all be gone?  I find that amazing. We don't need it in the same way and the universe is innate in this path. Such wisdom all around us when we stop to listen. It talks to us, just by where it grows.

I wonder about what I need close to me. I pick a Wild Woman Mystery Card and ask. I choose the card Wild Woman Power. At first I am surprised. But then I begin to see. It begins with "You are realizing or have realized your place in the world . . . Take a stand with yourself and acknowledge your power, not power over another but power within."

I think about my Urban Sunflowers and the infinite wisdom of nature. I think about how it knows to be itself no matter what. I think about how precious Golden Seal, will not compromise for us, even if we try to make it do so. Even if we exert an external power over it by building a house in it's field. It's not that it was inaccessible before, but we don't need it all the time, so it grows away from people. I think about how it will not loose its power to become something we think we want it to be. She will remain who she is.

As I listen and get to know my wild side, I see how we communicate all the time, we just are not always accustomed to thinking we are.

Sitting there with Susan Weed, many many years ago, I remember my excitement. Really she was teaching us to listen and with that, we could know so much.

As I sit here with my Wild Woman Power card, I can feel the power of listening bubbling inside. I can feel the stirring of knowing myself making it's way to the top. I can hear the teachings of long ago making their roots for me to move from. And, I remember, how it feels to allow what is right in front of me to be seen, heard and loved.

As that's all we all really want isn't it?  To be seen, heard and loved . . .

To find out more about Wild Woman readings with me and the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, go here.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Giggle in your Discomfort

Time and time again, we struggle through something that just takes us to an edge and we can't seem to find a smile if we were paid a million dollars because we get caught in our discomfort!  Life came and shook us up and we suddenly take ourselves so seriously, we forget that at the end of the day, we are still breathing, still eating, still watching TV, still petting the cat and talking to our children.

Life is short. As I grow older, days seem to get shorter too! When I was 12, I remember days sometimes seemed so long and Christmas just seemed like it would never come! Now, a new wisdom has embraced my days. I can sometimes find myself experiencing the 'not so pretty' side of myself when I am running out of time, or I can't get something the way I want it or things just don't seem to be lining up in an easy way. And then, bang... I'm  frustrated or overwhelmed or just  in plain ol' discomfort.

And then yesterday, while fully-whelmed with so much to do I stopped, shook my head and smiled at what was before me. I sat down . . . and noticed my body change it's feeling and I began to giggle...and I thought,  "Why not smile?"  Why take the familiar route of discomfort when there is lots to do? What would happen if I changed my mind?  . . . You know, when you just think you are never going to get through it and never feel calm again!?  And then, instead of your eyebrows turning down, your lips pursing, your body tightening as you watch your thoughts of negativity take over, and your surroundings are slowly becoming very inconvenient, that you turn the corners of your lips up towards the sky and allow the universe to help you through? Do it now. See what happens. What did your body do?

Suddenly, the stress finds a way to slide off my body. My thoughts are unable to hang onto the grid of unhappiness, and my body drops its tension. It is impossible to frown. And I started to laugh at the absurdity!

All I did was raise the corners of my lips!  And that took me to a giggle . . . and I reclaimed that being wild sometimes means taking a different approach to the same ol' same ol.  Sometimes, instead of responding in the usual way and following yourself down into the trenches . . . sometimes... it's really fun and a wee bit wild to take the lead to somewhere new in the landscape of yourself. And sometimes it comes in the tiniest form of turning the corners of your lips up to the sky and finding your self in a little giggle for no apparent reason at a time when you least expect it. I caught myself!

I am amazed by how simple it can be to change your path . . . and how complicated we sometimes make it.

How do you do it? How do you giggle in your discomfort?

1. Notice what you are doing that is making you uncomfortable
2. Name your feeling. (I am sad, overwhelmed, worried or . . . ? )
3. Make a decision to have a different response.
4. Smile. And if you can't, just begin by turning the corners of your lips up to the sky!
5. Let your self follow your body prompts as it shifts gears into a new wild rhythm.
6.  Surrender ...
7. Let your Self giggle!

If you found this little wild tidbit of thought useful, share it with your friends and family.

copyright 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Message from my Mother

"I remember a story my mother told me often of how when I was 5 years old I came in from playing outside and told her I wanted to be a nurse like my friend Lynnie. "You don't have to do what Lynnie does" she said. "When you grow up, I want you to be an individualist." "I don't want to be an individualist." I said. "I want to be a nurse!"

She told me this story often as I traveled through my life and although she is no longer here, her message remains strong.

A couple of nights ago, I guess she felt I needed a little reminder as she came to me in one of those dreams that seem so real you could touch them. She had the same theme . . .

"Put a drop of oil on people's consciousness" my mother said to me in the depths of my deepest dream.  "Do you mean my oils?" I asked.  "Yes" she responded. "Where is their consciousness . . . how do I know where?" I inquired. "Ask them" she said. "Why?" I asked. "So they will be more conscious" my mother replied. "Why is that important?" I asked "So they will be more conscious" she replied.

I experienced that kind of knowing from my inner depths that comes when a truth is being told and I could feel my body smiling with this wisdom I was having the privilege of receiving.

"Why is that important?' I asked her. "Because that's the journey" she replied. "What is?" I asked. "To be more conscious." she said. "Why is that the journey?" I inquired. "Because we need to be aware" "Why?" I asked. "So we know what to do and who we are" she replied. "Why is that important?" I continued. "That's how we make it to where we are going" she replied.

I could feel myself in another space. I knew that I was dreaming, but was completely aware of every move. I remained curious. I remained aware. I continued to inquire, never assuming what would come next.  

"Where are we going?" I questioned. "Beyond where you know." she answered softly. "Can you explain that to me?" I asked, not sure if I really wanted to go there at that moment. "Yes" she replied, "But we're getting off the point."

"And what point is that? I smiled. "Your purpose" she replied. "Oh" I thought to myself. I became more curious. "What's my purpose?" I asked as I titled my head to the side. "To help people know." "Know what" I continued. "Know who they are" she responded.

"You have the power" she replied. I didn't expect that answer. So instead of assuming what she meant, I asked "What power?" "The power to help people transform into their purpose" she said. I sat back. "What is their purpose?" I asked quietly. "To know who they are" she answered back.

To know who we are . . .  That is our quest here on Earth. My mother made sure to keep me on track. It didn't matter if I was 5 or a grown adult, if she was here or not here. It is still the same journey.  I find a certain comfort in that.

Thanks Mom . . .  for the reminder to remain who I am. That is the work. 

I love you. Happy Mother's Day!

                                                                                                         copyright Elizabeth MacLeod 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meet Frustration

Frustration is a wonderful soul so connected to your divine plan. She wants for you, everything you could ever imagine and will not tolerate even the minutest detail that throws you off track. 

She is filled with animosity when she is not listened to and starts to drop things and often finds herself bumping her head. This is troubling to her and sometimes she just wants to cry. But she's a tough nut, determined to stay on her path. 

Her stubborn quality makes it hard for her to change sometimes. She realizes that to really see what's happening, she has to sit down and be still to allow her self to see her self and what is getting in her way.

She throws little tantrums from time to time. It comes from not being heard.  She really likes to be heard as her intention is only in your best interest. She loves you more than you could know and wants the very best for you. It hurts her when you don't listen.

Her value is so under rated. But she doesn't mind. She holds to her commitment to your divine path and will not let up until you get it. She is so persistent that her tenacity will hold you to your self in ways that you could not alone.  She is patient and tireless with her commitment to your heart and will not let you falter. To allow this would be to fail in her job to help you be the best you can be to yourself.  

Some may be surprised at this... but she is best friends with Gentleness and will do anything to serve her best interest too. It's just that sometimes, it's hard to get people to understand that her vision is far beyond the simplicity of the moment. She so wants what is best for you. 

Frustration relaxes when her message is received, and she melts in the sunlight of a new idea or way of doing things. This excites her beyond belief and she bows in reverence of her duty and commitment to you being enchanted with your beautiful and unique path and exquisite self care. Oh, if you could only hear her giggle with delight when you uncover this . . .  you might find yourself giggling in your discomfort with her!

                                                                                                   Copyright 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod

Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet Prosperity

Prosperity has huge open arms and loves to bring all with her. She is big in her dreams and loves to sing. She is in love with all that allows her to be free. And she is so inclusive wanting everyone to be a part of her richness and sacred unfolding. 

She takes nothing forgranted, and respects what she has. She loves to water her plants, even the littlest ones. And when she does, she smiles gently while she loves them. 

Prosperity has a big heart, filled with dreams that are realized. And she knows that what she brings to her life is more valuable than she could ever realize. She is heaven on earth and  knows both well. She is in on the secret. She knows how to birth something out of nothing, and nurture its every breath. She is the centre of creation fully realized.

Prosperity is in love with humanity and she holds great faith in what is to come. She has an inner knowing that transports her to levels of understanding beyond what we normally see. 

Her light is very bright.       
                                                                                            copyright 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Birth of a Wish

It came true. A little thought that happened in the bathtub over 10 years ago. 

I was sitting there with my special candles lit and soft music playing, in the womb of my creativity place... the bath tub! I had settled in for a long soak, with an ambiance that supported my health and shift in my day. It was a place I wrote, drew, read, dreamed, sat and relaxed. 

It was in the womb of my creativity, soaking in the warmth, allowing my emotions to lead the way and my intuition to expand, that I found myself. Every night, I lit special candles, turned on my chosen music, put a bunch of books that might interest me on the rug beside my bath and my journal with my favorite pen and allowed my muscles the reprieve they didn't have during the day. Sliding in to the warm silky water, I felt more myself, more alive, and more creative than any other time. It took years to realize the reason was that this place was my true place, my real place, my dreaming place, my safe place. It was the place where ideas were born, short writings began, my journal grew and I fell in love with the journey. It was where I became acquainted with the spiritual side of my illuminated self, and my mind was allowed to travel to places that I might not allow myself to travel through the day. It was a place where the wild in me splashed with random abandon to what was suppose to be and flowed through me in ways that brought such joy, that I returned to it every single night without exception.

I was in love with this time. It was integral and important to my growth and to my learning. It was a place I learned of self care of the most exquisite kind, a place where journeys in books lit my way, a place where my own writing blossomed into something I never imagined it could be. And it was a place I read. And a place I dreamed. A place where I made wishes with the universe that were possible, because in the womb of myself, everything was possible. My candle lit bath, filled with warm water and surrounded with an ambiance that could transport the most deadened of mind, I became one with my destiny without even knowing. That's how loving and nurturing a womb can be . . . supporting, feeding, delivering, receiving, loving, creating. The wild in its finest moment.

I did all those things . . . and over 10 years ago might have been the time where my soul and I met with the wild untamed spirit of my heart,  dreaming of wishes and possibilities only a dream could see that filled me up. It lit my way into more creating, more idea forming, more pleasure, more relaxation into my truth. It seemed only dream-able.

But that night, something was put into action. It was only a thought in a bathtub to the naked eye. But anyone, whose anyone, would know, if they could peak through the steamy glass window and be allowed to view the magic, something was opening. A possibility was presenting itself, allowing a dream to exist that wasn't present before. And in that moment, a wish was born.

That one night in the bath a meeting was taking place far in the future that would touch my heart, and know my destiny and expand me in a way that was unimaginable. And it all started, when I lit my first candle and slid my foot slinkingly in for my nightly soak . . .