Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Birth of a Wish

It came true. A little thought that happened in the bathtub over 10 years ago. 

I was sitting there with my special candles lit and soft music playing, in the womb of my creativity place... the bath tub! I had settled in for a long soak, with an ambiance that supported my health and shift in my day. It was a place I wrote, drew, read, dreamed, sat and relaxed. 

It was in the womb of my creativity, soaking in the warmth, allowing my emotions to lead the way and my intuition to expand, that I found myself. Every night, I lit special candles, turned on my chosen music, put a bunch of books that might interest me on the rug beside my bath and my journal with my favorite pen and allowed my muscles the reprieve they didn't have during the day. Sliding in to the warm silky water, I felt more myself, more alive, and more creative than any other time. It took years to realize the reason was that this place was my true place, my real place, my dreaming place, my safe place. It was the place where ideas were born, short writings began, my journal grew and I fell in love with the journey. It was where I became acquainted with the spiritual side of my illuminated self, and my mind was allowed to travel to places that I might not allow myself to travel through the day. It was a place where the wild in me splashed with random abandon to what was suppose to be and flowed through me in ways that brought such joy, that I returned to it every single night without exception.

I was in love with this time. It was integral and important to my growth and to my learning. It was a place I learned of self care of the most exquisite kind, a place where journeys in books lit my way, a place where my own writing blossomed into something I never imagined it could be. And it was a place I read. And a place I dreamed. A place where I made wishes with the universe that were possible, because in the womb of myself, everything was possible. My candle lit bath, filled with warm water and surrounded with an ambiance that could transport the most deadened of mind, I became one with my destiny without even knowing. That's how loving and nurturing a womb can be . . . supporting, feeding, delivering, receiving, loving, creating. The wild in its finest moment.

I did all those things . . . and over 10 years ago might have been the time where my soul and I met with the wild untamed spirit of my heart,  dreaming of wishes and possibilities only a dream could see that filled me up. It lit my way into more creating, more idea forming, more pleasure, more relaxation into my truth. It seemed only dream-able.

But that night, something was put into action. It was only a thought in a bathtub to the naked eye. But anyone, whose anyone, would know, if they could peak through the steamy glass window and be allowed to view the magic, something was opening. A possibility was presenting itself, allowing a dream to exist that wasn't present before. And in that moment, a wish was born.

That one night in the bath a meeting was taking place far in the future that would touch my heart, and know my destiny and expand me in a way that was unimaginable. And it all started, when I lit my first candle and slid my foot slinkingly in for my nightly soak . . .