Saturday, August 2, 2014

What Does your Wild Heart Need? Here's a Simple Way to Find Out.

Summer is here. The sun shining. The moon over head sliding down into the ocean at night. What do I need? I ask my wild heart. What else do I need?

I move over to the Wild Woman Mystery Cards. Its been such a hard week. I was hit with a major SPAMMER/SPAMMERS that took down the on-line store and spammed me, my on-line store and my emails until the cows came home. It was so brain draining and highly stressful. But as I get it all together again, and all back to normal, I wonder, what do I need to heal after such an assault on my virtual on-line home? Because it is a home . . . filled with passion, love and a tribe I adore.

I feel lazy after all the brain drain and being on the computer, so I go over to my website to see which card comes forward to answer my question…. "What do I need to heal after such an assault on my passion?"

I receive Wild Woman Home!!!!!  Okay, I smile in the 'rightness' of it all. Couldn't have been a better card. The spammers assaulted my on-line home, my sanctuary and passion, a place where the wild thrives. They hit my heart. I'm tired, worn out, and brain dead. Feeling like I need a Staycation as my friend Michelle would say!

But the card is PERFECT!

"Do not take your life for granted" the card says. That is what I really got from this card. Not only do I need to just chill in my home, but, I need to really appreciate all the goodness around me. Somehting like these spammers, wasn't even on my radar, so they showed me how grateful I am for what I have and what I am surrounded with. They also helped me protect my home well, as now, they can't get through. *Big sigh of relief* 

Today, I want to ask you… with all you've done and been through in your week, what do you need?  Ask your wild heart to speak to you. 

Take a deep breath. 

Center your self. 

Set your intention. 

Ask "What do I need?" 

Now . . . 

(a new card will appear each time you reload the page so you can do this anytime)

Read the card. 

Ask yourself… how does it fit? 

Tell us in the comments below . . . 

For me, I am taking it to heart. I'm going to stand in a shower and cleanse and release, and then draw a bath, crawl in and let myself remember internal kindness. After all the spamming and the sheer questioning of why anyone would want to do something like this to little ol' me in the grand scheme of cyber space . . . I mean, who am I to them? 

I quickly realize however, it doesn't matter. It's done. I learned A LOT. They became teachers for me actually if the truth be told. One was, that I could in fact fix it….another in that, I really learned a lot about the back end of all the stuff that happens and how to make it even better, as that's what these things do…and I got this card to remind me, how great it all is in the larger scheme of things.

And my on-line home now is very secure, safe, loving and filled with beauty even more! Thanks  spammers of the universe. Now, on you go, Time to leave. We have things to do in the land of the wild. You are no longer welcome here.

And as I soak . . . I am going to remember internal kindness. Follow my bliss. One of my bliss spots, is the bath tub . . . and take a good book, some music, and some pink lemonade, and let myself come back home to myself. 

This card really fit for me. Home. Couldn't have been a better call back into my self and making my virtual on-line home a safer place too. Really makes me feel gratitude for the little things, for where I live and who is in my life, and for the amazing virtual circle in which i live as well. It is "Precious and wanted" 

Now it's your turn…. 

Click here to get your Wild Woman Mystery Card and share below what happened for you. 

Sending you lots of wild love, 

~Elizabeth xo 


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