Thursday, October 10, 2013

. . . How to Own your Greatness . . . A True + Wild Way to Self Discovery

Our greatness is something we don't talk 
about so much. It's kind of a society taboo. However when we really look inside we find greatness is quite a natural place to be. Today, I'll show you 4 steps to owning your greatness AND how to keep your ego out of it.

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Your greatness is not something you are learning. It’s something you’ve always known. This is the real truth. The truth we need to remember. 

In order to truly heal and be all we can be, we must speak our truth. What ever is good for our soul, that is what we must do. And owning our greatness is good for the soul.

A lot of the time, we get stuck in our lives and our healing speaking our pain or the things we wished we did or didn’t do or the regrets we have or the lies that were told. We sometimes add to this important list, the hurt or harm that was caused and the anger that ensued. It is in this place we can often get caught. We spend time taking ourselves down, punishing ourselves, demeaning ourselves. 

But, it is important and in fact crucial, to remember that in the depths of ourselves exists another element too, that we sometimes forget about, or don't speak about, or are shy to own, and that is “our greatness.” 

To walk into our greatness, we need to remember she is there too.  She knows our naked truth. She knows our wants and desires. She may be forgotten, but she is not lost. 

As we travel along our path, we often deal with the pain and suffering. And that is important. But, did you know,  the lineage of the word to suffer is to allow? The Wild Woman, knows that to truly heal, we must allow all to come forward. And that for us to truly stand in our place in the world, we must also acknowledge our great places. That is important too. 

The key to owning your greatness, is to just know she is there. I know, sounds too simple. But it’s true. And once you do, to continue to notice her and continue to nurture her too along with the rest of ourselves, is an expression of you that we all want to see and be part of. 

After being in a car accident at the age of 29, I was forced to deal with pain on the inside and the outside. As I travelled through the unchartered inner terrain of my self, I uncovered many truths. I noticed it was very easy to fall into the pain, to get healers that could deal with the pain, to feel connected when drawn to my inner truth. What was more difficult, I noticed, was allowing my greatness to unfold and be present. 

It took much journeying into my depths to discover that the connection being made was with my true self. And, that my true self, knew her greatness. 

I uncovered that when I spoke from the truth inside of me... that the voices saying “that’s not true” or the fear of someone saying to me “You are so full of yourself” disappeared. 

And I unraveled a way of knowing how to allow her, my dear Greatness, to step into her destiny. I found these 4 steps below to be illuminating pathways to that holy place within and to allowing others to own their pure greatness as well. 

You can do them in any order and for as long as each one takes. Let  the wild in you decide, that place that knows you so very well

The 4 steps to owning your greatness 

Take a Break 

Sometimes we spend so much time working on the stuff that hurt us, or harmed us, or took us down that it starts to consume our every move. It takes over our thoughts, our happiness, our desire to expand out to more than we thought we could do. The place in us that is tired from working on our stuff, or frustrated with the recurring thoughts like “I can’t” or “I don’t know how”, this place needs to know that we are taking care of her too. Giving her a break, gives her room to breathe too and relaxes our human soul. 

It was a whole year before I could sit down after being in a car accident. I worked hard on my healing and didn’t get a lot of breaks really. My friends were going to the movies one day and I couldn’t go, because I couldn’t sit down in the chairs. I thought, "how can I fully heal, if I don’t get a break, or am allowed to have a little fun?" So, I went to the movie theater and asked if I could lie on the floor so I could enjoy things with my friends too. I needed a break. But I couldn’t sit. After conversations about fire regulations and the meaning behind it the manager said ‘yes’... From then on, I went to the movies, lay on the floor, took looks from strangers that disapproved, and began healing on a different lever because I had fun, and took a break from the work of healing. And the theatre became part of my healing too. I’ll never forget the day I came through the door and the manager was there and saw me and smiled and said “We were thinking of you today. You picked a great evening to come. We just vacuumed and cleaned the floors!” 

Staying Power 

Sometimes we want to do more, but sometimes all we can do is what we can do, and that is enough. We may have the desire to more or to do less, but all we can do is what is in this moment, right now. Honor this place. Embrace patience, which includes perseverance, persistence, endurance, tenacity and staying power. This also teaches us to contain all the feelings and things going on. Patience is not something that we can just say we will do. It takes some effort. But it is totally doable and an intrinsic part of the wild path. It also will help us to learn how to manage our energy and to practice the skill of observation. With observation, doors to new paths open. And when they do, we need to know we have staying power! 

The Mindful Way 

To stop the repetitive pattern of thinking about the same things over and over, and doing the same thoughts over and over, or saying the same things to someone and getting the same responses, is a very mindful task. It is not something that just happens, nor, in my experience, is it an easy thing to just ‘do’. It takes a conscious attempt. In this stage to begin to forward see . . . we must consciously ask ourselves to not say the thing that comes soooo easily that harms another or fills you with negative thoughts or puts ‘them’ into the wrong place and ‘you’ into the right place. It’s a willingness to let go of that role.  When I am working through things and find my self not knowing what to do, I ask myself “What role did I put myself into?” Usually, once I’ve identified that, the answer comes. Because inside our true selves, we know what is good for us and can make solid, true decision for ourselves.  And once we let go of what we think and follow her instead... miracles unveil. (A little secret question to ask yourself when you find yourself here is . . . would you rather be right or happy?) 

The Act of Creation 

There are many, many ways to do this. Some might think that to move into this stage, it means we must accept or forgive or surrender or not acknowledge what has happened or what was done in the past. This is not the truth. This place is a mindful decision. It is a place where we consciously decide to release the old and allow a new future to unfold.  

To make a mindful decision is an act of creation. 

It is a powerful place as it is you that will make the decision. You can decide how you do this. You decide what ritual you need to do to acknowledge the event. It doesn’t have to be black and white, it can be grey or colorful. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing or one thing or the other.

This is the place where we sit in the soul of our minds and allow ourselves to release our greatness from behind bars and open to the wild . . . because what we didn’t know before, is that keeping our greatness behind bars, also kept us behind bars. 

Remember, you are the one, who holds the key to open the door and walk through into your greatness.  But you must dare to listen to the call. You must dare to move towards the feeling. You must dare to allow yourself to feel it. You must dare yourself to make a mindful decision and take back your power. 

Because, greatness is waiting for you.  Can you see her there with her arms open? She’s giddy with excitement to see you when you arrive. Because then, she and you and your soul can now begin and continue to fulfill your destiny. And there is nothing that makes her happier. 

How do you know if you are finding your greatness without ego? 

Instead of feeling rage, anger or irritation, you may feel sad inside your heart, or even empathy for the person you were angry with. Maybe you forget what it was about, for example,  the harder you try to retrieve the information, it just simply isn’t there anymore. Some might say “I’ve processed it” 

Suddenly, you find that you don’t want anything from that person anymore. What you thought you wanted, is gone.  Maybe it hasn’t turned out the way you really wanted it to but you are no longer feeling bound by it, or like it really matters. You are free to move forward into something else. And you are willing to step into a new role. 

Your greatness has room now to speak . . . without all these other thoughts or energies making stuff up in your head. You are moving from a place of maybe even forgiveness, not condoning the other, but simply making a decision to let go, surrendering to your true self or making room for yourself to open into your life, including your greatness, in whatever form that is for you. 

Allowing yourself to let go of the old and move into the new can be one of the greatest gifts of your life and one more true to who you are. The you that also includes your wild and beautiful greatness . . .The you  that accepts that you have things to do here on the planet . . .  The you that acknowledges the path of your soul. The you being all of you which includes your greatness. 

Because Greatness is you. And she is waiting for you with open arms. She wants to hold you there and help you remember.  She is dedicated to your journey with her and is delighted you continue to find your way back. You just need to remember to notice her, embrace her and work with her . . . because, she’s always there. She never EVER leaves.

Elizabeth xo

Hi! I'm Elizabeth MacLeod and I'm delighted to see you here. 

I'm here to remind you that you are beautiful + raw + wild + you matter . . . big time. 

I'm a Guidance Instructor + Visionary who answers the big questions like what is the meaning of your life? What does it mean for you to be wild from the heart? From which place within, does magic rise up?

I believe it's our birthright to be who we are. That it is possible to create a world where it's known that living wild + true is part of our lineage, and therefore, totally possible and in fact, an expected responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities + the planet . . .
I'm here to show you it's possible to live in a world 
where being you never felt so great! 

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Magical Manifestation - A Wild Woman story about the amazing Universe

Like my new walking stick?

It's interesting how things come into your life. Tojo (in the picture with me above) made this stick... a medicine man... walking by the Wild Woman Enchanted Store at the Langdale Ferry Terminal, here in little ol' British Columbia, Canada.... on his way somewhere . . . who just came over to me in my store and said, "I'd like to give you this walking stick." 

I had talked briefly with him, in an insignificant way really, just two people sharing life in that moment, a few minutes earlier... and he had left and I went on with my day, helping a Wild Woman in the store pick a Wild Woman Mystery Card and I thought he's gone on with his day too. I remember thinking what a lovely man he was, but that was all as things got busy for a moment. 

That day, I was feeling a little in need of something, like I needed support. So much had happened. The death of a friends son, a new class I had just given, leading a Heart Healing Ceremony for the Wild Woman, being at the Wild Woman Enchanted Store at the Langdale Ferry Terminal, new projects in the works for the Wild Woman that are to be soon revealed ... all this and more.

I shared a little with my store neighbor, Lynda, when I arrived but other than that, I hadn't said anything to anyone or anything. It was just a private noticing . . . a thought of knowing that I needed a little time to rest . . . a desire for some support . . . a wishing for family. I was aware, that I needed some time and was planning to take a little that evening and looking forward to it... and then, out of the blue, Tojo comes into my store, walks over and says "I'd like you to have this. I make them. It's a walking stick and I think this is yours." 

I wasn't quite sure what to say, as I was aware of my inner workings, the place that said "I need some support. I'm tired. Just a little. Not much. I need to be held up a little today." And I was aware that the acknowledgment was enough to make the change if I could hang on until the end of the day. And just the acknowledgment helped me know I could. 

I hadn't said anything to anyone about it, except Lynda who was next to me when I arrived that morning. Other than that small moment, it was a private place in me. A place I was just walking into awareness about. So I thought. But not private to the Universe. 

To be given a walking stick, with a clear crystal at it's helm, I was kind of stunned by the magic of it all. I felt a little giggle inside at the thought of my thought feeling like I needed support and that I had to wait for rest, or whatever I was thinking I would do to take care of myself. I didn't know this man. I'd never met him. And although I may have said something about my days... I hadn't expressed my need out loud. 

Honestly, to think that our thoughts are not heard by the Universe, by the almighty what ever it is, is almost as ridiculous as the morning not coming every day. 

We chatted a little and I thanked him and said that a walking stick was perfect for me in this moment. The metaphor was beyond noticing. It was like the Universe was helping me and not even making me work at figuring it out. I mean a walking stick to support me...

Hello! Because this communication was not even difficult to decipher. You simply couldn't miss it. I looked at my neighbor who was watching the whole thing and said "Whoa" as I looked her in the eyes. She agreed. It was mesmerizing what had just occurred. And I was humbled by this "random" yet really "not so random" act of listening ... or ... I mean kindness! LOL ...I hope you are giggling with me! 

The surprises that come to me, the people I'm blessed to meet, the beauty that walks into my store, overcomes me. 

We have a few more week-ends down there until Thanksgiving (our last week-end there) ... and as I get ready to be there tomorrow, I can't help but feel magical. I can't help but know the Universe has got my back in ways I can't imagine. I can't help but think thoughts I want to manifest. I can't help but say to you, come and see me down there. Share in this with me if you have the chance. And if you don't, come here and I'll share with you here on this page. Because life is too short to miss these kinds of magical 'I've got your back' moments. 

Oh how the blessings from the deeper workings of the Universe come in ways that we are simply not always able to fully discern . . . it makes me fall in love, over and over and over again, with the Wild Mysteries of life and the magic that exists beyond our knowing.

Oh, how very deeply . . . down in the center of the cosmos . . . how very deeply I felt loved, heard and seen that day ... To be seen in that way. To be known in that way. To be loved in that way. And to receive the message in this way . . . the purity astounds me. 


~Elizabeth~ xo

PS...Does this make you ponder? 

Hi! I'm Elizabeth MacLeod and I'm delighted to see you here! 

I'm here to remind you that you are beautiful + raw + wild + you matter . . . big time. 

I'm a Guidance Instructor + Visionary who answers the big questions like what is the meaning of your life? What does it mean for you to be wild from the heart? From which place within, does magic rise up? 

I believe it's our birthright to be who we are. That it is possible to create a world where it's known that living wild + true is part of our lineage, and therefore, totally possible and in fact, an expected responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities + the planet . . . 

I'm here to show you it's possible to live in a world where being you never felt so great! 

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