Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why it's Important to Follow your Heart - The Untold Story.

Sometimes it's hard to know what to do. 

We're just not sure that we will be okay or if we will be accepted . . . if we decide to travel outside the status quo of acceptable by doing what calls deeply within our feminine self and most wild soul.

What if we go against the grain? 
What if we step outside of the rules?
What if people go away if we tell our truth?

Or we ask . . . 

Should I tell my real story and show my self?
Should I step up and do this . . . what if I'm not good enough?
Should I do what most people do or follow my heart?

We begin to doubt our positive and our negative instincts and urges because once they have been repressed for some time, it becomes difficult to get them out of the terrain of our shadow. We begin to allow our Ego and Superego to be the boss of us. And we become unclear where the messages come from.

It's easy to forget that the Shadow also can include the Divine. Let me tell you about Wild Woman Shadow with an excerpt from my book and card set -  the Wild Woman Mystery Cards. My Illustration of her is above. Maybe you will see her differently and then allow your self to be held in the "all of you" terrain of your Wild Existence. 


Wild Woman Shadow
An excerpt form the Wild Woman Mystery Cards by Elizabeth MacLeod

"Her name is Shadow, and she lives and breathes deep in the passionate well of existence in the dark heat of the wild moon of your soul. Under the buried well of deep passion and effervescent pain lies some of the truths of her story, shaping the person you are now. Shadow, all of her, is part of you. 

This card asks you to bring her forward. Living in the trenches, she leads and follows, inspires and breathes, your self, and holds a longing to embellish your story. Inspired, she is fluorescent in the joke that you can be alive without her. Back and forth, the paradox of light and dark, the ability to hold both and balance them is difficult, yet possible. The richness of shadow, the primal scream of courage to exist flatters her darkness forth, suffering the gifts of growth and the expansion of self. She has so much truth to tell you and lies to dispel. 

This Wild Woman embraces shadow and recognizes that we live in a planet of light and dark, daytime and nighttime. It is natural, normal, inevitable, and healing to embrace both. Embrace your darkness. Look within. Ask for its teachings. Embellish the richness of your story." 


Don't let yourself bury your important parts or unimportant parts for any reason. They will find a way to surface. And your energy will begin to leak. Be the carrier of the light for her. Don't let the truth of who you are be pushed down as your vital energy will flow down with it. And you will just not feel good.

Be the guardian of your most valuable self. 

Let your whole self open, so you don't need to crawl around in the secret trails luring you off into something unexpected when you just can't stand it anymore. That's what happens in the shadows. Things that are meant to surface remain hidden. Until they just can't hide anymore. Then things jump out unexpectedly from behind trees and under bushes. And that can throw you off your center. And it's hard on your vital life force.

The parts of your world that have real meaning and value for you need to be shown, expressed, honed, honored and be seen as part of your path.  Don't trick yourself into thinking otherwise. Instead, value what comes forth. 

When in doubt, seek guidance, inner and outer, to achieve what calls you deeply. Following your path, the one that belongs to you, is what you are here for. 

The wild in you knows. 
Listen to the signs and signals showing you the way. 
Stay aware of the things that feel so right. 

Let them surface and be seen.  
Your Wild Self will thank you.
And remember, you are not alone.

With love, 

~Elizabeth xo


Founder of Wild Woman Enchanted

Welcome to my blog! So glad you are here. I'm the author and illustrator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self and other wild wonders. 

I write, illustrate, teach and make Wild Woman books and tools for your wild heart. 

It's important to me that every woman on this planet knows that it's their birthright to be who they are. You can live from this place. I'll show you how. 

I love big screen movies, meaningful words, anything sky blue and creating a life that means something to me. 

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

What if this was True about Forgiveness?

I decided to ask the cards this week, what we needed to hear and where our insight might want to focus. So I went to the deck I wrote and illustrated - the  Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self. I keep them always out on my altar. I walked over and stood before them and took a deep breath with all of you in my heart and set my intention and allowed my hand to guide the way. I reached down and pulled Wild Woman Forgiveness. 

This card is in the Heart Chakra, which is the Healing Wild Woman Freedom, in my Spiritual Healing system. The energy center of unconditional love, compassion and peace. This is good to practice in general, and excellent to practice with our selves too. Take this card into your heart and see where you arrive.

Seems very fitting for this Easter holiday week-end and felt that the best way to share this with you was by placing an excerpt from my deck below about the card (pictured above). It says it the best. 


Excerpt from the Wild Woman Mystery Cards by Elizabeth MacLeod

Wild Woman Forgiveness

What if you just wanted to make your self happy, that you believed one day that you would forgive yourself and that was all it would take to free yourself from the binds of your past?

What if you could explore your inner world and uncover the meaning of forgiveness, the impact of its presence in yourself, and the evolution towards love for your self?

What if forgiveness was only a thank you; thank you for giving me this experience to learn from so that I could find the kind of love available to me and to the world?

What if that love was big enough, free enough, expansive enough, that to for-give came before anything ever occurred?

What if you surrendered into your pain, allowing it to be there, and considered forgiving it? What if to take the step of thanking it was illuminating the passageway to your true self?

What if that’s all it was, a thank you, “for giving” me this experience to learn from so that I can become an even better person than I am now?

What if, that were true of forgiveness? 

What if, that were true of you? 


With love, 

~Elizabeth xo

PS Keep your eyes open for my new on-line magical retreat coming soon . . . A place to dive into the richness of who we are, together. 


Founder of Wild Woman Enchanted 

Welcome to my blog! So glad you are here. I'm the author and illustrator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self. 

I write, illustrate, teach and make Wild Woman books and tools for your wild heart.

My calling is to let every woman know it's your birthright to be who you are. I'll give you a chance to makeover your life and help you to discover who you are.

I love big screen movies, meaningful words, anything sky blue and creating a life that means something to me.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to Survive being Sensitive - The Real Truth Uncovered

We were driving in the car when she leaned over to me on her 16 year old elbow and asked “Are there lots of sensitive people?” She turned and looked at me, then back to the ocean in our view ahead.   "Hmmmm" I said thoughtfully. "What a great question."  

And away we went. We dove in talking about how only 10% of the population would probably be outwardly sensitive and what mass mind is and how do we fit into all of this… and what it means to be wild and free and how does one survive being sensitive anyways.

So how does one navigate the tender landscape of sensitivity. That place that many want to wipe away as if it doesn't belong to being human?

The skill of woman-oeuvring this innate ability is not always an easy task and it is one that we are taught very early to often ignore or be ashamed of. This aspect of ourselves, that many call Sensitive with a flavor of disapproval, comes with a 'sense' of being something that might not be okay. But in reality, the 'sense' we feel is more of an awakening to a skill being honed. Not something we need to hide or be ashamed or scared of.

How many times did you hear growing up… 

"Oh, you're just too sensitive . . . " 

I know I heard it a lot. And when I heard it, I felt like there was something wrong with me. But the truth was, nothing was wrong with me. I just needed a guide, like the women in the red tents use to do, and just know that this was a skill I needed to hone and use as a guide in my life and also as an indicator of my path.

For the Wild Woman being sensitive is part of her landscape. And woman-oeuvring is delicate and raw, deep and cut throat, necessary and niggling and sometimes feels like a nuisance. I know, sounds dramatic. But sensitivity is something, we as women, need to navigate.

For the Wild Woman... sensitive is being responsive, aware, conscious, alive and highly feeling. She strives to be strong in her vulnerability, to allow her delicateness to shine through and to be raw in her bravery. She knows her subtly, her ease, her emotive nature. To some in society, this is called being sensitive. 

To me, is it called being alive and a blessed skill helping us to navigate our true path.

We must stand up in this innate power with attentiveness as she is mindful in her service to us. To help, I've created a Sensitive acronym to help you along your way and help you to hone your divine and wild skill. As she is here to help us navigate our path. 

Let's look for a moment at what "being sensitive" really means and how it really is a survival skill and magical talent of the most extraordinary proportions. 


The Wild Woman Sensitive Acronym

S = Soulful
E = Elevated
N = Ninja
S = Sensory
I  = Imperfect
T = Telepathic
I  = Investigative
V = Vulcanish 
E = Enough


What does this mean?


The Soulful woman is a woman who really needs to be aligned with her soul. She can not step into the mass stream and follow unconsciously where they take her without any thought to her heart and destiny. Some think, she’s sensitive because she can not fit into that box...  

Some tell her "You're just too sensitive" but  for the Wild Woman, it just sparks that place in her that acknowledges her need to be soul driven instead of manipulated or shoved into what is not in her own best interest or into the mass mind consciousness. She knows that she is here to be herself. That's where her gifts lie. And that is what is important. As that is what the world is waiting for. 

She is soulful, with a soul that is whispering to her and guiding her way through special signals. This sacred skill of sensing, feeling, and interpreting helps her to stay on her path which thrives when attended to.


To be in the norm is not the path of the wild woman. She must elevate herself into the light, and surround her self with those who also travel this path. It is imperative that she moves in a way where she can rise up and where she can empower others to rise up with her. 

She desires to be with like-minded souls, to stretch out of the patterns keeping her stuck, to bust open the habits that don't expand her. Tolerating is not something she is good at and to some, this is considered a good thing. The Wild Woman knows to raise herself to the vibration that is more fitting for her, to seek that which is in alignment with her being and to feel where this exists in her. This is what is important. Realness. Connection. Truth of being. It is honing her vibration and setting the course of her mission here on Earth.


Being a Wild Woman is sometimes like running underground on a covert mission. She infiltrates and observes and honors the path.The popular way of being is not in her folklore. She instead strives to zone in on her martial art, searching for the origins of her soul and her meaning here on the planet. She is skilled in self-defense, attack, and unarmed combat with incoming information and learns to nourish herself through her sensations and perceptions. 

Her energy barefoot, she trains herself mentally as well as physically to listen to what is presented to her and take the action she needs in service to herself and the world. Her senses specifically tuned, she holds great honor on her path and stays open to the legend of the Wild Woman Tribe.


The Wild Woman has antennae. For real. Her physical feelings and perceptions result in her capacity to contact the feelings she has in her body. She is inexplicably aware and possesses a wide range of perceptions allowing her to sense things before they sometimes happen or that are happening but can't be seen . . .  like the sensation that something is about to happen. She can spot someone across the room who is in need, depressed or alone. She can feel into what needs to happen.  

She has a 'sense' of humor, a 'sense' to leave the room, a 'sense' of meeting you before, a 'sense' of impending danger, a 'sense' of purpose. This sense helps her intuition and her skill is highly attuned.


She knows that all she is in this moment, is what she is. She knows that the past is the past, the future has not yet arrived and that she is always becoming. This gift is transferred without any conditions having to be met. There are no requirements except to feel what she feels and be what she is. Her flawed global traits are what makes her what she is. Her broken places allow her to crack open into her heart. And she knows, imperfection is the perfection. Broken is Whole. 

She sits in the cadence modulating into structure, or simply part of a sequence of moments comprising the whole of who she is. She accepts the rhythm of her own beat, in her own time, in her own way. She senses into it. 

The laws of life and destiny of her spirit keep her beautifully arriving into herself everyday, never to stagnate or stay the same. Listening always to the movement. She feels and senses her way through. This is the glory of imperfection.


She is a visionary, an oracular pendulum of rare second-sightedness. She does not need to be told, for she feels, intuits and senses. Her way of tracking herself and her world are designed for her particular purpose. 

She has an ability to transfer information from a sensation to a feeling and following through on what to do or to a 'knowing' without words. You might see it as thinking of a person and then seconds later, the person calls on the phone and she says "I was just thinking of you" … That's the sensitive Wild Woman, aware of communication we can not always see. 


The Wild Woman has a private eye skilled with many ways of seeing. Always the best when she is curious, she is rare in her ability to allow for all to present itself. She is inquisitive and naked when it comes to wanting to know the truth. This truth leads her to places many others can not necessarily feel and see. Some call her wise, but it is her investigative qualities and fleshy way of feeling her life. 

She makes formal inquiries with herself through that which she experiences in her body, mind, soul and energy and uses this skill for informed decision making. Her agency is to uncover the information she receives through her many sensitivity skills of which she has spent a life time learning and relearning.


The Wild Woman can mind-meld, cut through the crap and see what is real. Her ears are pointed to her tender vulnerability and she knows without a doubt her enchantment with her life and her complete and absolute perfection with her journey. So therefore, anything else, doesn't matter. She observes her sensations in full awareness, thus allowing her to have first contact with any kind of outside influence. 

Reasoning and logic follow a slightly different path for her than the ordinary world. For the Wild Woman, it means consciousness (reasoning) and validity (logic). She views sensitivity as her best friend as this skill in monumental in her help for the transitioning Wild Woman in crucial stages in her life. 

There is no BS when you know what you know and fell what you feel. That's reality. That's truth.


The Wild Woman never follows a script, and sets out on her mission knowing she has what she needs. Her spidey senses guide her knowing so that with every move she is sufficient and she doesn’t need to be more than she is. She doesn’t need to compare. Her ability to sense into what she needs to complete her self is what her senses tell her. 

She does not tolerate well those who say she needs more or something different or the same. This can throw her into a spot of unbalance. Toleration is not part of the enough equation. Rather, she welcomes the presentation of all that makes her who she is, nothing more, and nothing less. 

Her sensitive ways confirm that which she already is and it's up to her to decide if more is less, or less is more, or if she is enough the way she is in this moment. She knows she has a choice. Her tuned in skills provide her with the path that is hers and hers alone. 

And she walks in this place, with confidence as her senses guide her way. It is enough to know this.


So the next time you are told "you are too sensitive" or "that it's just because you are sensitive" . . .  instead of falling into a place of judgment or past historic stories of not being good enough or 'right' enough growing up . . . 

Say instead . . . 

"Thank you so much. I'm working on my skills and talents and I really appreciate you noticing!" 

Then walk away into the sunset with a deep smile. 

With love, 

~Elizabeth xo


About Elizabeth MacLeod, BMus, BEd, CPC
Founder of Wild Woman Enchanted

Hey Wild Woman. Welcome! I'm the author and illustrator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self. I write, illustrate, teach and make Wild Woman books and tools for your beautiful and wild heart. 

My calling is to let every woman know it's your birthright to be who you are. I'll help you connect to yourself and your power, grace, wisdom, beauty, glory and wildness. 

I love big screen movies, meaningful words, anything sky blue and I'm passionate about helping women living their best and most authentic life. 

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Where Joy lives

Today, watching the Big C on TV while eating dinner, Cathy, the main character, was in a workshop where she was told to go inside and find her joy. 

While she did that, I found myself exploring in my mind's eye about my joy and oddly enough, as often happens in these exercises, I found myself standing at the pulpit at my mother's funeral 10 years ago, talking of her, of our journey together through her illness, of what it was like to be her daughter, of the things she taught me and the things I had learned from her in this profound time that is suppose to be 'sad', but that was infact, so intimately real, and so beautifully connected, and so ultimately caring. I looked out from the pulpit, tears in my eyes, and I looked into the pews and saw my oldest neice, then 10 years old, smiling right into my eyes. 

"Why was she smiling." you ask? In fact, beaming!?

Because when we were in the room with all our family before coming out into church with everyone, I had started to cry. "I've never seen Lizzie cry" she said to everyone. She asked me how I was going to do my talk to everyone in the church and lead the ceremony. 

I looked at her, love in my eyes. I told her all I had to do was look into the pews where she'd be sitting and see her there and I would remember all was good and all was okay. And I told her I would smile at her. That she was beautiful and I loved her. And I would remember that. And it would help me. And all would be okay. Crying or not.

So we all moved into the church. My niece placing herself strategically beside me. I walked up to the stage, bowed to everyone in prayer position, and walked to the pulpit. Tears moved within me. I took a breath in and then out and looked up. 

And there she was amongst the community of people who loved my Mom, leaning earnestly forward in her pew, smiling at me with such intent, that I couldn't miss the beam. It was a grin so big, you might think she was at a birthday party or a celebration so grand it meant incredible smiling! And I guess in a way, she was, as my mother had left here to be birthed into her other world as we all acknowledged her time here and we were celebrating her. 

I couldn't even help it. I smiled back at her. And began. And each time I felt something going on, a little movement of uncontrollable tears, I looked up and over at her. Partly for me. And partly for her. And it was so obvious at one point, I stopped what was planned and told the congregation what was happening. That she was smiling to help me through the rough spots.  You could almost hear everyone smile with us.

Every time tears would start, I would put my head up and and there she was, smiling at me with her little 10 year old body, with the grin of the Universe so big that the only thing that could happen was love. And the congregation came with us.

There was something so special, so real and so very wild . . . seeing all the people from my mother's life sitting before me, over 250, including my friends from childhood, who had traveled the journey with me, those who traveled from far away to be with us that day.

And I remembered how in my self I was that day. It was a good place, filled with everything life is. Connection. Intimacy. Unwavering Support. Understanding. Love. Beauty. And smiles. Funny that it would be at a funeral. Or should I say, celebration of someone's life. And interestingly, so many came over afterwards to say how much the loved the ceremony, how beautiful my talk was and even how I even should publish the eulogy it was so good!

This is where we should always live. In that place where the drama falls away and love prevails over everything. Where the wild is free and the heart is open. A place inside that is so real and so clear that it makes you really know who you are. And a place to feel that and share it with one another.

I stood there knowing exactly what I needed to do, what I felt and how to move. I dared to say what I thought, felt moved with the presence of being, and loved and loving in the awareness of my own self, my own freedom to be, and my own divine spark of wild abandon.

And it made me really think about what that place of connection with the deepest essence of who we are comes from. And I thought about the Wild of the earth, the wild of my heart, and the wild of my ancestors and all their wisdom.  

 And, I thought about being a Woman and that divine spark within us that shines with all that is genuine and authentic and real. I thought of the forests, of my cats, the ocean and the smallest flower that knows exactly who they are and what they need to do and their meaning and purpose in their life. 

I wondered how I allowed myself to be there  . . . and how I forget and move away.

In that heart of who we are, we are our own wild selves, and know how to feel, see, hear, touch and express who we really are. When in the wild of our heart, and the untamed guts of our soul, undomesticated strength of our spirit, and vitality of our energy animated in whatever form that is, we are our true place, and natural state of being…that place of connection with the deepest essence of who we are.

Bringing out the wild knowing in ourselves, that wisdom that knows exactly what it needs, and where to find it, is our part of the natural divine plan. Knowing that what is true is what is simply arising and you find yourself speaking it, walking it, dancing it, feeling it, or just simply being it.   

This is the clarity of being free. We owe it to ourselves, our children, our nieces and nephews, dogs and cats, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, to be in that heart of who we are . . . 

And to smile. Because that's where joy lives.

With love, 

~Elizabeth xo

PS Coming soon . . . my new e-course, enlivening the wild in us all, as individuals, as a community and as a world of women, where we will explore these places of divine smiling and be okay with ourselves as we are, in the moment we are in, no matter what is going on around us. 


About Elizabeth MacLeod BMus, BEd, CPC

Hey Wild Woman. Welcome!  I'm the author and illustrator of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self. I write, illustrate, teach and make Wild Woman Books and tools for your beautiful and wild heart.

My calling is to let every woman know it's  your birthright to be who you are. I will help you connect to yourself and your power, wisdom, glory, beauty, grace and wildness.

I love big screen movies, meaningful words, anything sky blue and I'm passionate about women living their best and most authentic life.

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