Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why we do it . . . Crossing the Frontiers of our Inner Solar System

In 1977 I was graduating from college in Montreal and leaving the province to begin my exploration of life, to voyage into unknown internal territories, to explore the expansion of my mind at University, and to go where I had never gone before. I was my own starship, traveling Earth, directing where she would go and yet allowing some unknown internal telescope see my path so I would know where to go . . .

At the same time, the first robotic spacecraft 'Voyager One' left the Earth. And just this last Thursday NASA confirmed that this little space craft had now "crossed the frontier" and had actually left our solar system to a place we'd never seen or even knew really existed. It is now about 19 billion kilometres from our sun. And it is no longer in 'our' solar system. I felt an exhilaration, a wondering if this is how they felt when they discovered the world was round or how a little girl felt when she discovered she could tie her own shoe?

Today, I came across this video above....  In 1996... some scientists pointed the hubble telescope into nothing. They wondered if this "high in demand" telescope would be wasted looking at nothing . . . as that is all that could be seen with the naked eye. However, it couldn't have been farther from the truth.

I think of my own journey, the one we think sometimes is so small, and it makes me think that nothing is far from it. We are only a small blipp of something, like a grain of sand, some say.... but we are not nothing. We can't be when you think of it this way.

The wild of space is in this video . . . over 100 billions galaxies are in our universe... like it says in this video . . . when you look at this image and begin to understand what it means, you can't help but be changed. We are only a small part of a much larger territory that we know of.

By hearing last week's news about 'Voyager One' and now seeing this video, I feel as if I've seen something so special and discovered something in a way a scientist discovers tiny molecules. I feel I like I have been visited by something angelic or godly or beyond. Perhaps I have.

They have seen the "ultra deep field" . . . the farthest into the universe that we so far know.

I think of meditation, or deep crying, or the transformation of pain and I can't help but think that when we reach beyond our own frontiers, we discover the galaxies of ourselves. . . deep inside. In these places, we travel so far beyond what we thought we knew of ourselves, that we often come out feeling as if we are new. Like we were the 'Voyager One' leaving our own solar system and discovering a whole new galaxy or galaxies in the beyond of ourselves. Or maybe we are the Hubble telescope, discovering billions of light sources beyond the us we thought we were.

It's no wonder then, that we are seekers, as we must sense that the 'that' which we seek is far greater that the 'that' which we think we know . . .

~Elizabeth xo

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