Saturday, June 21, 2014

Awareness Breaks

Get Away - Get Aware
Week-end Retreats for the Wild Woman

Select the one most helpful to you now

So much to offer  . . .  so many possibilities . . .

Calling all Wild Women . . .  

I've been asked for retreats and now, here they are. And I've been thinking about how to do them - Wild Woman Style - and this is where I've arrived by listening to me, to you, to the needs of the Wild Woman  - and by offering up my space. I live on 5 acres of beautiful forest on the Sunshine Coast of BC in a lovely little town called Halfmoon Bay. It feels so romantic  and when you sign up and find out the road I live on, you will surely think that this was magic waiting to happen as I couldn't have chosen a more magical name for a road to live on. 

Not only that, I am 2 minutes from the lake, 5 minute from the ocean, 10 minutes from the "Big Tree" (no kidding, it's called that as it's old rain forest growth and it takes about 10 people holding hands around it to make a circle. We often do little ceremonies there!) 

And I got to thinking about retreats, the economy, what I like in a retreat, what the Wild Women have been saying and so I put it all together and thought, let's do this the Wild way - a little different. 

In this time together, you will come to my home for the work we do together and we'll play on my land as well. We'll eat lunch together (catered in of course and included in the fee) and learn what you came here to learn. The needs that arise in the moment will be addressed along with the teaching that is planned for you. 

I call them, Awareness Breaks - A Get Away - Get Aware - Week-end retreat for the Wild Woman. And, not only that, you will have 5 different ones to choose from, so all you have to do is select the one that is most helpful for you. 

And, in the style of the wild, they all build upon each other, or as I like to say, they all open into each other, which means, you can choose one to attend, or two or three or four or all five, in any combination. You can come alone, or with your sisters, or friends or family. 

And . . . in the style of the wild, you can sleep where you want. Something I struggle with when I travel places is staying in places where I just don't sleep and pay a lot of money for that inconvenience. So I decided to open this up so you can sleep where you want. You can tent, camp, stay at a B &B on the water, in the forest, in the quaint little town, or a hotel. What ever moves you and nurtures your soul. 

This will allow you to do thing in solitaire, if that's is your fancy, or in a group, by the sea, or in the centre of the town. You choose, your way, with your budget. This is what I like the most! 

I have 10 spots available in each retreat as that is how many my space can comfortably fit. Here are the Awareness Breaks you have to choose from.  

Select the retreat that is most helpful to you now . . . 

I'll show you how. 

Learn the Power of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards 
+ How to Access it

You and the cards are a team. Learn how to work with them to become more able to navigate your path and how the cards can guide you in your life to make it better.

You will learn how to unleash your own magic, how to find answers with the cards, even if you are going to the book store and how to use the cards in your life to find answer for what you need.

I will be using the Wild Woman Mystery Cards that I wrote and illustrated, as we travel through the course. You will leave knowing how to

1: Choose a card
2. Follow your intuition
3. How to know if it's the right cards
4. How to ask questions to the cards
5. Different lay out's and spreads
6. How to witness your card reading
7. How to use the cards when creating space or decorating a room
8. How to find the synchronicities
9. and much, much more!

You will also  learn how to:

1. Trust yourself and the cards
2. Choose the cards using the right energy
3. Read the cards you get by using simple techniques to bring into your daily life (even to the grocery store!)

There are always ways to get out of where you are or move more gently into what you need. Have faith. The cards will show you the way. I will show you how to access their power so you can use them to create the life you want.

You can come if you have the deck, or not. You can purchase it before you get here, or from me when you arrive. You can also bring your other decks if you like. I'll be using the Wild Woman Mystery Cards to teach you for the course, but any deck will be welcome.

Prepare to be wowed! Your wild woman awaits!

Thursday, July 17th 7-9pm
Friday, July 18th… 10am - 6pm
Saturday, July 19th, 10am - 3pm 
A beautiful lunch is included on both Friday and Saturday

Halfmoon Bay, on the Sunshine Coast of BC 
(Exact address will be emailed to you upon enrolment)

Receive the Guidance you Need and Create the Blessings you Want

In this course, I will teach you how to manage your energy by creating sacred space, in other words, creating Sacred Altars. You will see the altars that I have all around my house. I will show you how to deepen your knowing by connecting with spirit  and how to get what you need by becoming your self. 

Many people do these kinds of workshops, but I have yet to see people talking about managing your energy. I will show you what a good altar is and a not so good altar, and why you want to know what it is you are doing. 

Thursday, July 24th ... 7-9pm
Friday, July 25th … 10am - 6pm
Saturday, July 26th, 10am - 3pm 
A beautiful lunch is included on both Friday and Saturday

Halfmoon Bay, on the Sunshine Coast of BC 
(Exact address will be emailed to you upon enrolment)

Asking your Higher Power for Answers

In this retreat you will learn how to use a pendulum, who you are talking to when you do, and how to talk to your higher power to get the answers you seek. I will talk about how pendulums are used, what kind to use and also teach you how to use your body, fingers, and arms as pendulums too. 

After this course, you'll be able to go to the grocery store and choose your food with a pendulum so you know exactly what your body wants right now . . . and no one will even know, unless you want them to! 

Thursday, July 31st ... 7-9pm
Friday, August 1st … 10am - 6pm
Saturday, August 2nd, 10am - 3pm 
A beautiful lunch is included on both Friday and Saturday

Halfmoon Bay, on the Sunshine Coast of BC 
(Exact address will be emailed to you upon enrolment)

The Wild Woman Way for Lighting the Path when life gets hard

There is so much going on in the world right now, and in our individual lives. If stuff is there and you are just not knowing what to do and your friends are tired of hearing it, or, you are unsure of what to do with your friends and family, this would be a great place to come. If you are grieving, having challenges in your relationships, not so happy with what you are doing or anything else that is showing up, come here. We will use the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, sacred space, sacred ceremony, gather together with the women in the circle and find our place. This is a magical moment to expose how you can change a little for your self and become more of what you want as you travel this difficult road.

So, what's showing up in your life right now . . . and how are you dealing with it?

Thursday,  Augsust 7th  ... 7-9pm
Friday, August 8th … 10am - 6pm
Saturday, August 9th, 10am - 3pm 
A beautiful lunch is included on both Friday and Saturday

Halfmoon Bay, on the Sunshine Coast of BC 
(Exact address will be emailed to you upon enrolment)

Go here to reserve your spot now. 

If you are suffering you may want to look here

Many talk of wantings and desires and what I often hear is, how come I didn't get what I want? Well, it's likely because your intention is not lined up. This is your will, and the will of the Universe. I will teach you in this course how to line this up, or sync, as we would say in this day and age . . . using Wild Woman Tools and techniques… and lots of heart. 

What will we do in this time together? 

We will be:

Walking our truth
Speaking from our heart
Doing from our soul
Finding our gravity
Anchoring our life 
Spreading our wings

If you are suffering in your life, you may want to look here. It would be a good one for you to sign up for. 

Thursday, August 14th ... 7-9pm
Friday, August 15th … 10am - 6pm
Saturday, August 16th, 10am - 3pm 
A beautiful lunch is included on both Friday and Saturday

Halfmoon Bay, on the Sunshine Coast of BC 
(Exact address will be emailed to you upon enrolment)


And so, those are your choices. You can take one, or all five or a combo. Come alone, or with a friend or group. And stay where you want for however ever long you want to. There are10 available spots in each retreat. 

I look forward to working with you, opening my home to you, sharing the lineage of the Wild Woman and the teachings so you can have the kind of life you crave and live in the magic of the wild. Let's gather, take our lives back, even in the way we do this retreat. It is time… 

If you have any questions, let me know by leaving a comment below and I'll be sure to answer each one. 

I look forward to doing these retreats in then best way and most helpful way to you. I'm excited…

Click here to choose the ones you want now. 

It's always a pleasure, and I'm so looking forward to working with you. 

With love and wild flare, 

~Elizabeth xo

PS … Again, here is the link to see them all and Reserve your place now. There is space for 10 people in each retreat. Reserve your spot now.


About Elizabeth MacLeod BEd BMus CPC
Creatrix of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards and Founder of Wild Woman Enchanted

My name is Elizabeth, (and also Liz), and my dream is to allow the mystery of the wild to move into and through my life and once again, through the lives of others. My wish is that access to this mystery will re-open through the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, Retreats, Teachings, and other re-awakenings and Wild Wonders found here at Wild Woman Enchanted. 

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The 9 Wild Woman Super Powers

Wild Woman is of her own mold. She can not be stuffed into someone else's liking or made to be what someone else thinks she should be. Wild Woman reclaims her place, brings her natural powers, and lives deeply inside what she knows to be true.

Ultimately, being 'untamed' is the ability to navigate your path with the divine and wild feminine. We long for her. We long to see through her eyes as she sees through her intuitive self, an ancient art that gets lost in our present culture. But she continues, retrieving the wisdom that goes back many generations, so she can reclaim it and pass it forward to those young ones stepping into their wild nature.

Wild Woman is the source of the feminine, the power of the natural, the alive inspirations and she has sacred powers that are medicine to her soul and remedies for repair when lost.

When her feminine soul is fed, she expands, softens, rises and hears the call, even if buried deep in her bones.

She uses her 9 Wild Woman Super Powers and more as she breathes her soul and anoints her spirit and brings consciousness back into her memory. Here, she meets her most wild and precious self and re-members who she is.

Where do you resonate?

The 9 Wild Woman Super Powers

1. The Super Power of Creativity :
You are so in love with something that makes you happy to do it, be in it, make it, birth it or simply be it. You have heard of shape shifters and perhaps you are somewhat like that. Creativity is a shape changer. With one stroke of a brush, the canvas shifts and changes.

Wild Woman can change herself and feed the world with her creativity. It's almost like Creativity is a 'being' herself as being creative naturally gives back all that is given and more. Wild Woman exists as creativity exists and knows she must keep in the flow to keep it turned on and that she must tend to it regularly.

2. The Super Power of Uniqueness:
You know that the rules of society and the ways that are considered successful, may not be your definition. You know what your Soul requires of you and no matter how much that might have been suppressed, oppressed or silenced you will seek your soul path, your true self.

Wild Woman knows this is an act of courage. She respects the journey, the unlayering of notions she thought she had to be. She reaches into her community for what she needs, and she understands that her soul and spirit hold astonishing magic, just like that of a seed growing into a beautiful flower.

3. The Super Power of Spirit Tracking:
As you look for and attend to your wild soul voice, your realize you must stay conscious of your energy. You look for old patterns that are alive in your present life. You look at where you are drained of energy and where you are supported.

Wild Woman knows she is the guardian of her energy. Her tools, information and tracking shoes gathered, she continues to track her spirit gathering information and learning. She travels over the mountains in her mind and the wild oceans of her belly and the surges that pulse through her veins. She tears up the roots, finds lush areas to plant forbidden seeds and risks becoming new again as she learns of her underground self. She innately knows this work is crucial for her growth and brings a compelling nature to her world.

4. The Super Power of Staying Awake:
If you loose your way or can't find your purpose, or if you are confused, or just lost your energy, you know that something has come along and tugged upon your soul in a way that takes the life out of you. You know then, work needs to be done and it takes some staying power to do. You know you can no longer sleep walk through your day.

Wild Woman knows that once she has tasted her conscious self that she can never really turn back for long. She knows this is where joy waits for her and a wisening of the taste of her soul destiny is what she yearns for.

5. The Super Power of Alignment:
When you might feel 'off' or unable to find your center, you know you need to listen to the needs of your body and the whispers of your soul. Clearing the way is important work.

Wild Woman knows her body is like a wand between the Earth and the Sky. She knows when she is clear, when her soul is an emollient with her path and she is in agreement with herself and the great expanse of the Universe . . . She knows, she will manifest quickly, easily and find the parking spot just when she needs it!

6. The Super Power of Instinct:
Your gut speaks to you. You are learning of your deep feminine knowing. Your instincts helps you to move before you are ready or before you know enough. They help you respond before you know what to do.

Wild Woman knows she needs to claim her instincts and take back her life. She knows she needs to learn this from the ground up, so she can really know what is truly her. She knows they tell her what boundaries to set and what lines are safe to cross and lead her and take her places where she can howl at the moon, sing without a tune, jump way high with her arms in the air or run through the fields and flop down onto her back to take in the sky . . . 

7. The Super Power of the Internal Mother:
You know that sometimes, depending on what you need and how you are evolving, that sometimes your internal mother must change. Sometimes, it's good to coddle and smile and keep you protected, and yet you know, that there are times that it is not always 'good for the soul' to hold back or play it safe. Sometimes a shove or nudge of brisk energy, risk or thrill, is also the role of the internal mother within.

Wild Woman knows that if she is to express her self and her gifts, she must learn the ways of changing mothers.

8. The Super Power of Dreaming:
You love to dream. You look far beyond your eyes to see your vision. Going beyond the everyday, traveling with the dream-maker at night fuels the Wild Woman and feeds her desire for more, her quest for beauty, her divine vision powered by source.

Wild Woman knows she is alive when she dreams and lives to keep fulfilling them. And she knows, the voice of her dreams, speak from her soul. When she hears the call, she may at first stumble, but she knows the wild is calling her and reaches to meet the heart beat of the call.

9. The Super Power of Intuition:
You never loose your intuition, even when you hear that your intuition has been broken out of you, you know this is not true. It is the knowledge and knowing that has been passed down from generation to generation that has been broken, not your intuition.

Wild Woman can feel her intuitive wisdom inside her skin, in the flesh of her heart and deepness of her bones. She knows she has immediate access to this wisdom, always. And she'll do what ever it takes to get it back and fully own the deep wisdom that calls her.

Wild Woman is the force behind her Super Powers. By recognizing these powers, and giving her the space to have them, Wild Woman will not only show up, but she will stay. And you know, she will inform the deepest part of you, bringing you your most natural, wild and deeply feminine self and way of being.

Where is she present? Where can you feel her breathe?  . . . Are you longing for her? Good. That means, she is present.

With love,

~Elizabeth xo

PS Find you're not quite able to use your super powers and you need a bit of help, get my My Wild Woman Mystery Cards . Use them daily. Click here to get yours.


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My name is Elizabeth, (and also Liz), and my dream is to allow the mystery of the wild to move into and through my life and once again, through the lives of others. My wish is that access to this mystery will re-open through the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, Retreats, Teachings, and other re-awakenings and Wild Wonders found here at Wild Woman Enchanted. 

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Here's Proof that you will Make it Through Anything

My Shaman teacher looked at my hand in a palmistry class many years ago now and said with his Spanish accent "You beat out many other souls to get to your mommy."

I looked at him. Right in the eyes. It had never occurred to me, how hard I fought to be here on this planet. It never occurred to me, that my mother, was the one that needed to be my mother. And that I wanted to be here with such fierce intention that I fought and won, over many other hard fighting souls.

And that was the beginning. It was first an essence, wanting to become something. I began as a spec, chose where to incubate . . . fought for it actually . . . and won over many . . . according to my Shaman.

And what I do know for sure, is the journey did not stop there. That battle for my soul's keeper was important. Just think of what it took, just to get here.

We had to find a Mommy. Then we had to say, "Pick me. Pick me."  Just think of what it took to say "I do" Just think of the intention to become who you are. Just think of what it took to be the one who made it.

I felt guilty to be here for many years. I never knew why. 

My brother was adopted, but was always just my brother to me and my family. My mother had two still born babies after me. Oh what it took to be alive in my mothers belly for the whole 9 months, and then, not to make it.  When my father told me about the second one, I was old enough to understand. I was eager for a little brother or sister.

We were driving in the car to my aunts house when he told me. "The baby died" he said as the car moved along the road. I looked at his face. It was so troubled as he concentrated on the road and attempted to share with me what had happened. He was very sad. I looked away into the moving yards passing by. "Was it a boy or a girl" my little, somewhere around 10 year old self asked while while watching the houses pass by on the road. I  turned and looked at him when he answered. "It was a boy" my father responded, holding back the tears. His lips quivering. His eyes starring out onto the road, yet tending to me.

I looked out the window, like in the movies when music is playing. I was sad too. "I wanted him to have a name. So I named him right there. "David. Your name is David." I said to myself. At least that is what I thought I did, but admit to feeling like he came to say hello as we talked about him and then quickly left as fast as he came. Whatever it was, I had no doubt, his name was David. "I will miss you" I said quietly inside myself as my Dad and I let tears hesitantly fall from our eyes as we drove to my aunt's house. I will never forget his face that day.

It took a while for me to realize it. To feel it. To experience the impact of it all in my life.

I was the one who survived.

Oh, the hard ship of just getting here. We knew how to do this, all this, before we could walk.

So when you are thinking "I just can't do it  . . . or it's just too hard" remember, you are here. The hard part is done. This place you are in is no happenstance. It was filled with intention and determination. It was wild to the core. It was primal and visceral. And it was you. You are here. You made it. You deserve to be here, just by the very fact that you arrived.

So never think, for one second, you or someone else, shouldn't be here. It's redundant to think such things. You fought to be here. And you are the one that is here.

So when you see the quotes that say "take the leap" and you think you are too scared. Just remember, you have already leapt. You just forget. Just think what it took to leap into the womb of your mother to become her daughter, to grow to be your Self . . . She who belongs here. She who fought to be here. She who knows how to survive here.

For those who see, like the Shaman above, there is more to us than meets the eye. We have chosen to be here, on this crazy planet, to learn, to grow, to love. To belong.

So you see, before you even got here, you were a Wild Woman Warrior. A goddess filled with desire. A Medicine Woman with intention. A Priestess of all priestesses knowing the magical power of survival, of purpose, of love .

You made it. Before you could walk.

Never forget this.

This is said, with love, deep, deep love,

Elizabeth xo

PS. My new E-course is coming soon. We'll get in touch with magical places and using cards as guides to help us through our days and to receive what we need, we will uncover our power, love, and magical connection to all that surrounds us.


Founder of Wild Woman Enchanted

 My name is Elizabeth, and sometimes Liz, and my dream is to allow the mystery of the wild to move into and through my life and once again, through the lives of others. My wish is that access to this mystery will re-open through the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, Retreats, Teachings, and other re-awakenings and Wild Wonders found here at Wild Woman Enchanted.

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