Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How SARK it is!

                                                            SARK and me by the Pacific Ocean!
Jumping for dreams coming true! More exciting adventures to share with you about the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self.

Last October I had the pleasure of meeting SARK - best-selling author & artist. (Remember the book Succulent Wild Woman? Well, that's her! I love that book!)  She is a really wonder-full woman (FOR REAL!), and shed so much inspiration my way . . . AND to my complete and utter joy after seeing my Wild Woman Mystery Cards, she leaned forward and said "Your cards are great! I would ENDORSE them!"

In that moment, as some of you know, I lifted off my seat and landed in her lap, both of us giggling and laughing! Oh be still my heart! (That's me in the green sweater and dear SARK in the blue!) (Can  you believe it? One of the women caught it on CAMERA!!!!)  Gotta love magical moments ;)

SARK had beautiful things to say to me and beautiful things to say about the Wild Woman Mystery Cards. Click here to see what she said about them!

And now, that incredible time, and her beautiful endorsement is there . . .  in print . . .  on the Wild Woman Mystery Cards and on the box that embraces them until they get to you.  How sweet is the sound of meeting your dream! 

In a previous blog I wrote last February called "the Birth of a Wish" you can see how my dream all started . . . before I even had this book,  I knew one day, SARK would be on the back of mine.

I imagined it then, sitting in the bath, with my hand-painted Wild Woman Stones from the beach and my little home-made computer booklet with the stories of the stones I had written beside me. I lay back and closed my eyes and let my mind wander into the recesses of my inner space filled with magic beyond our comprehension.

I let myself imagine, things that I never thought about really coming true. There was no thought about this is what I want. It was really more like painting a story that could be true created by me in the secret place of creation. That place we all possess, and yet don't spend enough time in. That place we don't give enough credit to when our life unfolds beyond what we think is imaginable. Because when we plant the seed and let it grow, watering and tending it without interfering and giving it what it needs as it expands into our world . . . it is then that we see what magnificent creators we are. 

I only imagined my book with testimonials of those who had inspired me. . . and there was SARK . . . front row and center. You can imagine me taking that all in on my ride home. It was not planned . . . unless I think of those nights years and years ago in the bath tub creating my future.

It may have been just wishing then,  or perhpaps not even that . . . maybe just a made up story about what would be really neat if it happened. But maybe that's all life really is. The story we create every day in every moment. If we knew of it's power, maybe we would be much more vigilant with our thoughts!

But never the less, let's say that is what our life is. That it begins as a wish ... and that wishes turn to dreams . . . and dreams . . .  turn to reality. . .  when you follow the calling of that deep, delicious desire that has no boundaries when sung from the heart inside the secret place of inner creation within our soul. That's where it all begins . . . sitting in the warm bath, eyes closed, soft music soothing the soul, and we are present to our calling under the candle light and innocence and simple envisioned desire.

Yes, that night, I was more brilliant than I ever knew!

© Elizabeth MacLeod 2011               

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cats, Dogs and Elephants

It's raining cats, dogs and elephants today. I haven't been a fan of the rain these days as we've had so much of it, but when it pours like this, there is a beauty that takes me close to myself. I long for a fire, and imagine what it would have been like, way back when, to gather with your tribe by the fire and tell stories...the kind of stories that found their way into the cave walls, that became the stones, that traveled out to the sea and tumbled for years, holding wisdom until finding their way to the beaches where an unsuspecting woman (me) would come a long and collect them.

Little did I know, those stones traveled far and wide to reach me. And, little did I know, they were about to open into new stories, fed by the wisdom of the elders of long ago, and cherished by the new generation of now.

It is with deep honour, that I acknowledge our elders as I sit by my computer watching the rain and I find myself smiling in my belly with content. My 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, has been dialled and I am telephoning in to see the power of the stones. I am filled with energy,  and it is without a doubt, a blessing to sit under the rain today.

People have asked me for the Wild Woman Stones. I will be painting these and taking special orders until December 4, 2011. I don't know if or when I will do them again, so if you would like an original set for yourself, please email me at to place your order.

Btw, every one of these stones, is now part of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self.

© 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod