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The 9 Wild Woman Super Powers

              The 9 Wild Woman Super Powers

Wild Woman is of her own mold. She can not be stuffed into someone else's liking or made to be what someone else thinks she should be. Wild Woman reclaims her place, brings her natural powers, and lives deeply inside what she knows to be true.

Ultimately, being 'untamed' is the ability to navigate your path with the divine and wild feminine. We long for her. We long to see through her eyes as she sees through her intuitive self, an ancient art that gets lost in our present culture. But she continues, retrieving the wisdom that goes back many generations, so she can reclaim it and pass it forward to those young ones stepping into their wild nature.

Wild Woman is the source of the feminine, the power of the natural, the alive inspirations and she has sacred powers that are medicine to her soul and remedies for repair when lost.

When her feminine soul is fed, she expands, softens, rises and hears the call, even if buried deep in her bones.

She uses her 9 Wild Woman Super Powers and more as she breathes her soul and anoints her spirit and brings consciousness back into her memory. Here, she meets her most wild and precious self and re-members who she is.

Where do you resonate?

The 9 Wild Woman Super Powers

1. The Super Power of Creativity :

You are so in love with something that makes you happy to do it, be in it, make it, birth it or simply be it. You have heard of shape shifters and perhaps you are somewhat like that. Creativity is a shape changer. With one stroke of a brush, the canvas shifts and changes.

Wild Woman can change herself and feed the world with her creativity. It's almost like Creativity is a 'being' herself as being creative naturally gives back all that is given and more. Wild Woman exists as creativity exists and knows she must keep in the flow to keep it turned on and that she must tend to it regularly.

2. The Super Power of Uniqueness:

You know that the rules of society and the ways that are considered successful, may not be your definition. You know what your Soul requires of you and no matter how much that might have been suppressed, oppressed or silenced you will seek your soul path, your true self.

Wild Woman knows this is an act of courage. She respects the journey, the unlayering of notions she thought she had to be. She reaches into her community for what she needs, and she understands that her soul and spirit hold astonishing magic, just like that of a seed growing into a beautiful flower.

3. The Super Power of Spirit Tracking:

As you look for and attend to your wild soul voice, your realize you must stay conscious of your energy. You look for old patterns that are alive in your present life. You look at where you are drained of energy and where you are supported.

Wild Woman knows she is the guardian of her energy. Her tools, information and tracking shoes gathered, she continues to track her spirit gathering information and learning. She travels over the mountains in her mind and the wild oceans of her belly and the surges that pulse through her veins. She tears up the roots, finds lush areas to plant forbidden seeds and risks becoming new again as she learns of her underground self. She innately knows this work is crucial for her growth and brings a compelling nature to her world.

4. The Super Power of Staying Awake:

If you loose your way or can't find your purpose, or if you are confused, or just lost your energy, you know that something has come along and tugged upon your soul in a way that takes the life out of you. You know then, work needs to be done and it takes some staying power to do. You know you can no longer sleep walk through your day.

Wild Woman knows that once she has tasted her conscious self that she can never really turn back for long. She knows this is where joy waits for her and a wisening of the taste of her soul destiny is what she yearns for.

5. The Super Power of Alignment:

When you might feel 'off' or unable to find your center, you know you need to listen to the needs of your body and the whispers of your soul. Clearing the way is important work.

Wild Woman knows her body is like a wand between the Earth and the Sky. She knows when she is clear, when her soul is an emollient with her path and she is in agreement with herself and the great expanse of the Universe . . . She knows, she will manifest quickly, easily and find the parking spot just when she needs it!

6. The Super Power of Instinct:

Your gut speaks to you. You are learning of your deep feminine knowing. Your instincts helps you to move before you are ready or before you know enough. They help you respond before you know what to do.

Wild Woman knows she needs to claim her instincts and take back her life. She knows she needs to learn this from the ground up, so she can really know what is truly her. She knows they tell her what boundaries to set and what lines are safe to cross and lead her and take her places where she can howl at the moon, sing without a tune, jump way high with her arms in the air or run through the fields and flop down onto her back to take in the sky . . . 

7. The Super Power of the Internal Mother:

You know that sometimes, depending on what you need and how you are evolving, that sometimes your internal mother must change. Sometimes, it's good to coddle and smile and keep you protected, and yet you know, that there are times that it is not always 'good for the soul' to hold back or play it safe. Sometimes a shove or nudge of brisk energy, risk or thrill, is also the role of the internal mother within.

Wild Woman knows that if she is to express her self and her gifts, she must learn the ways of changing mothers.

8. The Super Power of Dreaming:

You love to dream. You look far beyond your eyes to see your vision. Going beyond the everyday, traveling with the dream-maker at night fuels the Wild Woman and feeds her desire for more, her quest for beauty, her divine vision powered by source.

Wild Woman knows she is alive when she dreams and lives to keep fulfilling them. And she knows, the voice of her dreams, speak from her soul. When she hears the call, she may at first stumble, but she knows the wild is calling her and reaches to meet the heart beat of the call.

9. The Super Power of Intuition:
You never loose your intuition, even when you hear that your intuition has been broken out of you, you know this is not true. It is the knowledge and knowing that has been passed down from generation to generation that has been broken, not your intuition.

Wild Woman can feel her intuitive wisdom inside her skin, in the flesh of her heart and deepness of her bones. She knows she has immediate access to this wisdom, always. And she'll do what ever it takes to get it back and fully own the deep wisdom that calls her.

Wild Woman is the force behind her Super Powers. By recognizing these powers, and giving her the space to have them, Wild Woman will not only show up, but she will stay. And you know, she will inform the deepest part of you, bringing you your most natural, wild and deeply feminine self and way of being.

Where is she present? Where can you feel her breathe?  . . . Are you longing for her? Good. That means, she is present.

With love,

~Elizabeth xo

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