Sunday, March 13, 2016

Being Grounded is the best way to Stay Protected
Being grounded is the best way to stay protected.

I was helping my Mom when she was ill and on her death bed. It was hard, long and very grueling. Every time I went into the hospital, I would surround myself with white light.

I wore a buffalo bone to ground me and used essential oils inside that to keep me protected from not only the germs, but also the intense feelings and emotions running amuck in hospitals, and all the other unseen things that are there.

And I’d pray in a sacred circle I would pull around me as I walked through the front doors in preparation for what was ahead. Often, things needed to be done quickly with little time to waste

There is a lot that goes on in life. I have learned, and did learn from that time, that one of the best ways to stay protected, is to stay grounded. I used smell, touch, visualizations, special jewelry and gemstones. Anything to help me along the way and in essence help my mother, my family and her doctors.

I know all these things help. Because they helped me.

So if you’ve lost your center or are having trouble getting your needs met, don’t think there is something wrong with you. It’s simply a call from your energy system that it needs support.

When you are afraid, Wild Woman Warrior - the first Wild Woman Freedom - is the best place to get your needs met. She’s located in the base of the Spine and is the colour red. She will help build your confidence and help you to feel at home in your body.

When in survival mode or feeling panicky, she’s your girl.

When you start to support this Wild Woman Warrior energy, you know what will happen? You will start to feel more confident and spontaneous. You will be able to reach out to someone. And you will feel the power of standing in your center.

There is nothing like knowing where you are, because when you know where you are, you know where to go.

“Wild Woman Warrior is a woman of great inner power, whose heart has experienced much life, and whose soul journey is for the greater picture of all who are here. She will carry you home, always”
          From Wild Woman Warrior in the Wild Woman Mystery Cards by Elizabeth MacLeod.

Your Wild Soul is having a conversation with you, whispering to you so you no longer have to carry the burden on your own.

The Wild Woman Warrior poster hangs on my wall behind me. I hold her in deep reverence. I wear her close to me when I need to stay grounded and centered. I smell her when I want to have help without thinking. I respect her knowing and her wisdom, for she knows the path.

I bow a sacred bow when she calls. I nourish her deep in my bones.

Here are more ways to have her Wild Woman Warrior energy with you when you need her.  Collect yours now.  

To find the exact perfect way for you, take a look below at the pictures and click right through to find it. It's all linked up for you.

Many blessings Wild Woman. As always, this comes with love.

Stay Wild,

~Elizabeth  xo


Choose from any of the Wild Woman Malas to receive what you need and feel beautiful at the same time.

Because there is much beauty in the wild. Right!?   ;)

These are all hand made by me in the Wild Woman Studio.

ENJOY!  :)

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