Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Happens at our Wild Woman Retreats?

The Wild Woman Retreat is happening on June 8th -12th and you can be there! I'll be gathering with 15 women for 3 days on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

You want to know what happens? Let me tell you through story.

We gather together as we do in life, like the caterpillar moving our way through and learning what we need to know. We gather our experiences and wrap them up in a cocoon until the moment we are ready to create. At that time, we morph into our work and begin to weave our pain, our learning, our discomfort, our wonder into connections the way the native people would sit in a sweat lodge or the Buddhist would take a vow of silence or the meditator would sit and chant.

It takes the power of interconnectedness and knowing and experience for us to to emerge into our personal wisdom and power. We realize that by being who we are we suddenly are awakened even if for a brief fleeting moment into the web of all creation. We are one.

No matter how big things are or how small and insignificant we feel, each of us individually holds the key of how to get through our days. We tap into this knowing and learn how we want to move in new ways.

This little miracle called "me" is reborn once again and crystallizes and we emerge with thin wet wings. We wait as the dry so their colours can shine. We embrace one another and allow all in good time to pass as it should.

And when dry, we spread out our carefully woven threads of life from arm to arm filled with all we need to fly and knowing exactly how.

This work, this humble practice called being wildly human, is the miracle.

In the Wild Woman Retreat with me - we all gather in community and begin to weave miracles as we interconnect and cocoon, moving into crystallization becoming definite and clear . . and at the very ripe moment, when our wings are dry, our connections complete, we spread our wings and do the miracle of being wildly human, fully soulful and divinely connected.

Throwing away our pain, those critical voices, those shoulds and silent expectations that sometimes dictate our way without our knowledge, we open. We open to Possibility and Spirit and our capable nature that sometimes tends to hide. We stand in ourselves and we know who we are and feel it in every cell of our being. And then, we spread our wings, each of us with different colours shining and we take flight, supported by each other and caressed by spirit, carried by the wild and surrounded by all of creation.

This is the story of the Wild Woman Enchanted Retreats.

Come as you are. What ever form, whatever state, whatever you feel. Come scared. Come joyful. Come with challenges. Come with wonder. All is beautiful. All is welcome. All is wanted. All is loved.

Be in community. Share your experiences. Build your knowledge. Crystallize and become clear about who you are and what you want to be. And take flight into your life the way you want to with the help your wild sisters.

Do you hear the call? The women are getting ready to gather. Our Power is forming. Our magic is sparkling. We are ready.

It is time . . .

Register now.

Keep $100 for you by doing so early. We'll feed you, nurture you, welcome you and take you into our arms.

The time is now . . .

Register here.

And if you are one of the first 5 to reserve your space, you will receive a FREE 30 minute Wild Woman Mystery Card Reading with me withing the month after the retreat to help to keep you on your chosen track. An added value of $100.00.

There are only 15 spots available. Reserve your space now.

With Wild Love,

~Elizabeth xo

What are Wild Women saying?

"Elizabeth treasures the heart and soul of every succulent Wild Woman"
SARK - best selling author & artist

"This woman is magical!"
Wild Woman Kelly - Colorado USA

"This was everything I hoped for and more!"
Wild Woman Caren - Langley, BC

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