Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Message from my Mother

"I remember a story my mother told me often of how when I was 5 years old I came in from playing outside and told her I wanted to be a nurse like my friend Lynnie. "You don't have to do what Lynnie does" she said. "When you grow up, I want you to be an individualist." "I don't want to be an individualist." I said. "I want to be a nurse!"

She told me this story often as I traveled through my life and although she is no longer here, her message remains strong.

A couple of nights ago, I guess she felt I needed a little reminder as she came to me in one of those dreams that seem so real you could touch them. She had the same theme . . .

"Put a drop of oil on people's consciousness" my mother said to me in the depths of my deepest dream.  "Do you mean my oils?" I asked.  "Yes" she responded. "Where is their consciousness . . . how do I know where?" I inquired. "Ask them" she said. "Why?" I asked. "So they will be more conscious" my mother replied. "Why is that important?" I asked "So they will be more conscious" she replied.

I experienced that kind of knowing from my inner depths that comes when a truth is being told and I could feel my body smiling with this wisdom I was having the privilege of receiving.

"Why is that important?' I asked her. "Because that's the journey" she replied. "What is?" I asked. "To be more conscious." she said. "Why is that the journey?" I inquired. "Because we need to be aware" "Why?" I asked. "So we know what to do and who we are" she replied. "Why is that important?" I continued. "That's how we make it to where we are going" she replied.

I could feel myself in another space. I knew that I was dreaming, but was completely aware of every move. I remained curious. I remained aware. I continued to inquire, never assuming what would come next.  

"Where are we going?" I questioned. "Beyond where you know." she answered softly. "Can you explain that to me?" I asked, not sure if I really wanted to go there at that moment. "Yes" she replied, "But we're getting off the point."

"And what point is that? I smiled. "Your purpose" she replied. "Oh" I thought to myself. I became more curious. "What's my purpose?" I asked as I titled my head to the side. "To help people know." "Know what" I continued. "Know who they are" she responded.

"You have the power" she replied. I didn't expect that answer. So instead of assuming what she meant, I asked "What power?" "The power to help people transform into their purpose" she said. I sat back. "What is their purpose?" I asked quietly. "To know who they are" she answered back.

To know who we are . . .  That is our quest here on Earth. My mother made sure to keep me on track. It didn't matter if I was 5 or a grown adult, if she was here or not here. It is still the same journey.  I find a certain comfort in that.

Thanks Mom . . .  for the reminder to remain who I am. That is the work. 

I love you. Happy Mother's Day!

                                                                                                         copyright Elizabeth MacLeod 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meet Frustration

Frustration is a wonderful soul so connected to your divine plan. She wants for you, everything you could ever imagine and will not tolerate even the minutest detail that throws you off track. 

She is filled with animosity when she is not listened to and starts to drop things and often finds herself bumping her head. This is troubling to her and sometimes she just wants to cry. But she's a tough nut, determined to stay on her path. 

Her stubborn quality makes it hard for her to change sometimes. She realizes that to really see what's happening, she has to sit down and be still to allow her self to see her self and what is getting in her way.

She throws little tantrums from time to time. It comes from not being heard.  She really likes to be heard as her intention is only in your best interest. She loves you more than you could know and wants the very best for you. It hurts her when you don't listen.

Her value is so under rated. But she doesn't mind. She holds to her commitment to your divine path and will not let up until you get it. She is so persistent that her tenacity will hold you to your self in ways that you could not alone.  She is patient and tireless with her commitment to your heart and will not let you falter. To allow this would be to fail in her job to help you be the best you can be to yourself.  

Some may be surprised at this... but she is best friends with Gentleness and will do anything to serve her best interest too. It's just that sometimes, it's hard to get people to understand that her vision is far beyond the simplicity of the moment. She so wants what is best for you. 

Frustration relaxes when her message is received, and she melts in the sunlight of a new idea or way of doing things. This excites her beyond belief and she bows in reverence of her duty and commitment to you being enchanted with your beautiful and unique path and exquisite self care. Oh, if you could only hear her giggle with delight when you uncover this . . .  you might find yourself giggling in your discomfort with her!

                                                                                                   Copyright 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod