Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet Prosperity

Prosperity has huge open arms and loves to bring all with her. She is big in her dreams and loves to sing. She is in love with all that allows her to be free. And she is so inclusive wanting everyone to be a part of her richness and sacred unfolding. 

She takes nothing forgranted, and respects what she has. She loves to water her plants, even the littlest ones. And when she does, she smiles gently while she loves them. 

Prosperity has a big heart, filled with dreams that are realized. And she knows that what she brings to her life is more valuable than she could ever realize. She is heaven on earth and  knows both well. She is in on the secret. She knows how to birth something out of nothing, and nurture its every breath. She is the centre of creation fully realized.

Prosperity is in love with humanity and she holds great faith in what is to come. She has an inner knowing that transports her to levels of understanding beyond what we normally see. 

Her light is very bright.       
                                                                                            copyright 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod