Saturday, May 31, 2014

A 'Behind-the-Scenes' Tour of my Little Portal by the Sea and the Kinds of Messages and Other Cool Things that Happen Inbetween

It's been a week! Getting the store ready so my little portal by the sea is there for you to experience when you travel through. Here are some Wild Women diving deep into their wild places with the Wild Woman Mystery Cards and Empowered Fusions Essential Oils that go with them last Sunday… She's figuring out which Chakra she is in below!

I'm making a little Gallery of my artwork for you to see as well which is really fun. Here's a sneak peak. It's still in progress! How do you like the canvases for your living room, bedroom, office or any wall that needs a little wild feminine love ..

and a wall of Wild Woman Posters of my artwork too. They are finding homes already in just their first day out as you can see when Nusri commented on FB!

I have to say though, last week-end was a big rainy, cold day in my covered portal by the sea! But we always manage to have a laugh through it all We are like a family down there…. at one point, the pouring rain was a bit ridiculous. I mean it was slamming down!  And we weren't really prepared clothing wise….  Here is Mark (another store front owner) and I trying to stay warm as it pours outside.  It was cold and we were laughing. Just that in itself made me warmer!   … that's my hand on the left in the green hand warmer! That's Mark with his lighter. Thing is… we were serious!!!!!  LOL 

Thankfully though, the weather got warmer through the week! I'm so ready for summer, aren't you? Daisy is too… here she is last week, in her favourite spot in the living room sun… with all the toys pulled out of their basket by Reilly (my other little four legged!)

I caught her snoozing in delight here… is that not the life?!!!! Directly in the sun ray :) I get it!!! 

Many messages through the week too, like this little wonder on the path to my back door. You know, the snake, in many cultures is considered a symbol of the Goddess. I think this one was sleeping. It didn't budge when I went to get my camera to take a beauty shot of her! In my card deck,  the cared Wild Woman Snake Woman ROCKS! All about devouring your life whole and shedding your skin for new things to move in. Couldn't have been a better time to cross my path as I was heading into making videos for you for my new E-course that's coming soon! Here she is in all her glory...

Everybody is liking the sun these days… whether you have 2 legs, 4 legs or no legs at all!!!!! 

I too found fun in the sun as I went out onto the land around my home in the magical woods in the Halfmoon Bay forest and made the videos for my up coming E-course, where I talk about how to use the Wild Woman Mystery Cards I wrote and illustrated and how to choose cards, manage your energy, how to use the cards to get what you need and more! I had a blast and LOVED being in the meadow by my pond and teaching about the cards and readings and how to do it and wow, the syncronicities were also in full bloom! Here's a screen shot from the video in my meadow teaching about a special reading to bring in certain energies from different times to help you move through it so you can move in the direction you really want to move in . . . It's pretty cool!

And my other 4 legged, Reilly, wanted to join in the fun too. She popped into this video and wanted to be part of the teaching! She even helped me teach about energy in one of the other videos. Such a smart cat she is! This is in the fourth video. She looks so wise!! 

And then today happened with a trip to the farmers market and groceries and a drop in to my friend for some serious "GoddessTime by our Ocean!" It was great to take a little break today too. She just got the coolest thing called a "Der Standkorb" in german…  To give you an idea… Here I am IN IT!!!

It's just the COOLEST thing. Apparently they are everywhere on the beaches in Northern Germany was my friend is from.  She just got it and said when she sat in it, she laughed out loud it made her so happy. I can see why. As today was her second day with it, and we laughed out loud together too! We sat in there and talked and talked and talked until the cows came home… while we were enveloped by  this phenomenal view!!!  Oh the life of a couple of Wild Woman Goddesses when found by the ocean sharing their hearts. Could it get any better?

Oh, life on the Coast! There are my toes on the left below!

and here is the sky above…. 


Oh the hardship of it all!!!!! So hard to live by the ocean!!!! That was a dream of mine since I was a little girl and here I am, living it out in full colour. Pretty sweet!

I can't wait to peer into this next week coming up. Feels like peeking through the looking glass! 

Yup, it's been an eventful week! 

I'm eager to see what joy comes to my little portal by the Sea again tomorrow. We are at the Langdale Ferry Terminal … just in the lower car lot on the right. We are open every Sunday until schools out for the summer in the last week of June. Then we go full time every day except Saturdays. 

Will you come by and see me on your way through? I would LOVE that. 

Lots of love coming your way, 

~Elizabeth xo

PS How's your Wild Woman Goddess doing? Feel free to share in the comments below. I read everyone of them :)


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Sunday, May 25, 2014

What Does it Really Mean when a Wild Girl asks "Is it True?" . . . And Why it Needs to be Answered

My summer store (which is at the Langdale Ferry Terminal right by the Ocean, in BC, which prompts me to call it my little portal by the sea)- helped to keep the magic alive the other day!  Here's how.

At my little portal by the sea, a young wild girl was there with her Mom who said something like "Here are these cards. Come look. Let's see what we get." She was referring to the Wild Woman Mystery Cards which I wrote and illustrated and are on display for people to play with and try.

Her young wild self stood beside her Mom while she choose a card. I came over when her Mom was reading about her card and looked at her and smiled and was about to say something when she looked up at me and said… "Is this true?"  Her eyes were seeking. Earnest. Asking. "What do you mean by true sweetie? I asked as I bent down to her level. "Is it true?" she said.

I felt like she was asking me with the energy we asks our Moms when we are wondering "Is Santa real?"  I looked in her eyes… "Is what true?" I asked. I'm wanting to find what you are really wanting to know, because I really want to answer your question the best way I can."

She looked at her mom. Her mom smiled. "Are you wondering if the words are true? Or that it's true because you picked that card? Or something else?" "She  thought for a moment as she nodded her head. "All of that?" I asked. She nodded shifting from one foot to another. "Ahh, I said "Such a wise question. Let me see if I can find the answer. You let me know if I answer your question. okay?" She nodded.

"I'm wondering if you are asking is this real?" I looked at her for confirmation. "Yeah" she nodded and looked back at her Mom. I snuck a peak to her mom and our eyes met. I wanted to see where she was at with this. It was good. So I continued.  "I love this question." I responded as I looked at her. "When we pick a card from the deck, we follow what feels like the right one for us, the one that kind of calls to us, or that our gut says... ."pick me. pick me!"And we follow our feeling to find the right card for us . . . and what we feel is always right." I wanted her to know, her feeling and seeking was valid, accurate, infinitely wild, and I wanted her to keep this experience for later times in her life when she needed a little help. I looked at her listening to me earnestly.

I knew the bigger question was her wanting to know if magic was real.

It took me back to when my first niece looked at me when she was 10 years old and we were getting ready to go outside to play with the fairies.  I was putting on my sparkles and make-up and usually this excited her. But today, something else was on her mind. I was one step up from her, primping myself in the mirror and she came in, stopped, looked at me and said with conviction "Lizzie. I know." I felt a lump in my stomach. I knew what she meant. Her sister was younger and eagerly getting ready as usual. I kept putting my make-up on as if it was the most normal statement like, I'm wearing my running shoes. 

"What is it you know" I asked innocently. I kept putting on my make-up. "I know" she said looking at me intently. This intent energy made me stop. I put my arm down and looked her in the eyes. "What do you know Little Love" I asked. "That fairies aren't real. My Mom told me." "Oh" I said. I didn't want to compete with her Mom, or confuse her or take away her truth. I felt intense sadness that the magic was now lost and for an instant, I recognized this place where we loose the magic, and I grieved for all children who loose this place.

I kept it normal though. And said. "Okay, that's cool." And I went back to putting my make-up on, each lash getting the right amount of mascara. She remained beside me and didn't move. Watching me.

As I continued I asked "Would you mind if I kept doing it?" I asked. "I still believe in fairies. It's okay that you don't. Would it be okay with you if I did?" I could hear her thinking. We had spent her whole life talking about fairies and making little houses for them, and leaving them things. I talked of the fairy ring that was at my house in Halfmoon Bay (yes, there really was one!) and I could feel her trying to make sense of it all.

She stood there. Her head tilted. She was thinking. "They are real to me" I said "And I'm totally cool that they aren't for you. That's totally okay. Beyond okay." I turned and looked at her. She still stood there. Thinking. Watching me. Wheels turning.

"Well" she said "Maybe they are like angels and are a spirit." I looked at her lowering my mascara wand from my eye and looked at her. "Yes, I said, maybe they are like angels."

I could feel her relief. We sat on the step and talked about it. Asking questions and forming new realities. In this moment, her magic matured. She was growing up.

I was so quietly happy inside myself that she figured out that the magic didn't have to stop, it just needed to mature with her. I felt elated inside. I knew how important it was for when we grow up not to have to reclaim this place.

This little girl was asking the same question here in my booth. I honored it deeply. I knew that this was a question she needed answered. A reference point for her maturing magical ability. And so I said "This question you ask is very wise and a really good question. One smart girls ask. And I'm so glad you asked me and I hope you continue to ask as you find out more. Here is what I can tell you about this."

She looked at her Mom, excited. Her Mom kept reading the meaning of her card in her book with a quick glance my way. "Yes, it is real. That is a good word to use as well as true. What happens when someone pulls a card for the Wild Woman Mystery Card deck is that they are wondering about stuff in their life so they ask for a little guidance. Then they follow what they feel, they might not know exactly why, but they feel it, so they turn over the card. Many times, when people read about the card they choose, they find it to be really right. So they come back for more. It's like getting a little help with what's going on in your day." Does that help answer your question?

She nodded in her whole body and had a little smile.  "So, to answer your question, is this true? "Yes, this is true, for me. Maybe for your Mom. And now you get to decided whether it's true for you. Okay?"

"Yes" she responded. Her body light. The heaviness of her spiritual awakening relieved. "And the way you do that, is by trusting what you feel" I said to her reaching inside her internal wisdom.

We chatted a bit more. Got it solid. Made sure her questions were answered. When she left, she was holding her Mom's hand and skipping. Yup. That's what it feels like to know the secrets of the Universe and not have to squelch the real you.

Maybe that day, I had the privilege of helping another soon to be Wild Woman, keep her magical place inside, and cherish her knowing, her intuition, her self. Maybe one more little wild soul was saved. Maybe the Wild Woman Mystery Cards are here to save not only us 'big guys' but also the little ones that are by are side and the little ones, inside of us. Maybe they are helping to form the lineage of wildness, that place of knowing who we are.

Maybe, it's bigger than I knew and know. Maybe, I'm a little part of that. Maybe, just maybe we are all more than we think, affecting each other in ways we can't always know. Keeping alive the magic.

After all, what good would it do to leave all that behind. What good does it do to give up your self and your beliefs?" What good does it do to not grow into something you outgrow, just because you don't know how, so then it dies?

Don't let your magic die.

Don't let your children's knowledge of magic die"

Instead, let it grow into where you are now. Let it move you into a place that makes you come alive. Let it surround you in your deep inner wisdom.

Let her breathe. Let her be known. Let her be seen.

And love the HECK out of her when she asks the easy to dismiss questions. Because she is asking here, for her lineage, her ancestory, her knowing. It is important and vital to keep it alive. Because it is real. And it is true.

Let your magical self mature with you. Bring our children along with you. Let them mature too, no matter what age they are or you are.

Grow with it. Allow it. Embrace it. And see it for what it is. Ask when you don't know. Our inner wisdom does not let us down when we let it rise up.

And when we are asked "Is it true?"  by your own self or someone else, be sure to answer. It keeps you growing and keeps you real.

And to me . . . that is the greatest blessing of all....


~Elizabeth xo

PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts below . . .


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Hi! I'm Elizabeth MacLeod. I'm the author of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self and other wild wonders.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people be more themselves without the guilt because that's what makes you smile deeply from the inside out.

(Because being who you are is like air is to oxygen and hearts are to love. And if you're wild, like me, it's the only way to feel vibrantly alive)

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

OMG - I love this woman!

A little fun from the archives! 

Summer is here and the sun is out. People are playing music here in BC along with smiles, shorts and sandals and we are happy to see the SUN! 

I saw this video a long time ago but today, I just wanted to share it with you . . .  let's here it for Nana...and all the women out there doing their thing!

Here's a true Wild Woman  . . . a little inspiration and a whole lot of fun! Be sure to watch it right to the end. I have to say though, you'll be smiling WAYYY before that. :) 

We all need a little lightness from time to time. 

Here's to you, and Nana, and all Wild Women on the planet everywhere! Bless you. 

After you watch it share your comments with the Wild Woman Tribe below. 


Honestly . . . it's so worth it if you haven't seen it and if you have, take a moment and enjoy it again! Be sure to go right to the end . . .  

I don't want to give it away, so I won't say more (even thought I want to!!!) except . . .

Love, Love, LOVE to you . . . 

~Elizabeth xo

P.S. Be sure to watch right to the end . . .  ;) 


Hi! I'm Elizabeth MacLeod. I'm the author of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self and other wild wonders.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people be more themselves without the guilt because that's what makes you smile deeply from the inside out.

(Because being who you are is like air is to oxygen and hearts are to love. And if you're wild, like me, it's the only way to feel vibrantly alive)

That's what I do.  And I'm not confused.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

What my Perfectly Imperfect Mom did for me and the Generations to Follow

It's hard to believe, but it's been 10 years since my mother died, and I feel like I saw her yesterday when I look at a picture that appeared on Facebook from my nephew. So lucky we are with some of this technology that we can fly back into our hearts and our eyes can feast on things that feel so real and so 'now' even though they are from 'then'. 

Here's one of the last pictures (above) I have of me and my Mom taking by my friend Dwaine taking a picture of my friend Louise taking a picture of Mom and me when they were visiting. Kind of has a generational feel to it...and that is what I am thinking about today as Mother's Day arrives. If we were to look inside our lives and down the generations and lineages, what would we see? 

My Mom and I didn't always have the best relationship when I was growing up. She was absent a lot and was one of the women who forged the way for the younger generation, leaving my brother and I to be latch key kids way back when. You know, the kind that has a key around their neck because when they arrive home from school, no one is home. 

That was my teen age life. My mother went back to school, when we became bankrupt instead of taking a job as a secretary at the local library. "I could have done it" she said, "but the thought of being a secretary just wasn't for me. I had already done that!" 

Today, I sit and think of her courage, and the courage of my father, that at a time in their life, with 2 children, the house threatened and no work, they chose to make an unpopular choice in a very vulnerable situation, one that to many, would seem like the wrong thing. 

Not only that, but at that time, going back to school, was not common for the mature student, let alone a woman student. Now, going to school at the age of 40 is not a big deal, nor is it a big deal in the same way for a woman, but at the time for my mother, it was not popular and rarely done. In fact, she was one of the first of her friends to do it. Following close behind was her best friend Val. They were the start of their tribe back then to do this courageous act. 

I admire that courage. I admire that fortitude. I admire going against what is thought to be the right thing instead of doing what everyone thinks you should do, in the name of your heart and soul

I admire the path they forged for me and for others along the way. I admire that heart of their convictions. And I admire that they made it a path that I could easily follow with little to no trouble years later. 

Did they even think, even once, that their actions, their push, their going against the grain, was making history? 

Sometimes, I felt alone as she forged her way. But you know, now, I sit here in my living room forging my own way, and I am humbled by the path our mother's had to take in order for our lives to be easier. 

Today, in honor of my mother and your mother, and our mother's mothers, I want to say a big thank you. 

I want to say I see them and their journey. 

I want to tell them that I thank them for forging the way so that our lives could be different and more choices could be available for us. 

For those of us who were lucky enough to have one of those beautiful mothers who were so perfectly imperfect I extend my gratitude. If it weren't for you, would I be following my heart? And if it weren't for you and the choices you made and the fights you put up, would we be able to vote today, go to school when we wanted to or stay at home because that was our choice? 

It makes me wonder, what things am I doing that will make it easier for the younger generation? It makes me wonder. 

As I put myself forward, and speak my heart, I hope this will bring inspiration now but also for those who follow our lead. I hope that my heart will lead me in a direction that will allow others to lead themselves in their directions. And I hope that my choices, even when not popular, will forge the path for the younger generation to come, like my mother and her friends did for me, my family and my friends. 

Living at the end of a dirt road in the wild woods a 2 minute drive from the ocean, selling in an outdoor market at the ferry by the sea where I get to meet amazing people from all over the world, writing to you now from my heart, all these things seem normal to me. But are they? Was going back to school normal for my Mom? Is doing what you are doing 'normal' for you but maybe not so normal if you swing back the pendulum of time?

May you and I forge the way, unknowingly, or knowingly, by following our hearts. And may the mother in you come out to be honored, whether you have 2 legged children, or four legged children or one thin stemmed children with petals or thick trunked with branches and leaves . . . 

For any woman who has bent down over another who is vulnerable and cared for them in what ever way that was and appeared to be to the outside world or inside too, I honor you and . . . 

I thank you. 

We will never know in some ways, how we changed the world in years to come by our actions of now. 

To that, I bow in reverence to you . . . and share my heart. 

Happy Mother's Day Beautiful Wild Soul.

With love, 

~Elizabeth xo 


Hi! I'm Elizabeth MacLeod. I'm the author of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self and other wild wonders.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people be more themselves without the guilt because that's what makes you smile deeply from the inside out.

(Because being who you are is like air is to oxygen and hearts are to love. And if you're wild, like me, it's the only way to feel vibrantly alive)

That's what I do.  And I'm not confused.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

One Really Simple Way to Quiet your Mind

Wild mind 
Sits in suffering 

Wild Mind 
Gathers Strength 

Wild Mind 
Wonders endlessly 

Wild Mind 
Follows curiosity 

Wild Mind 
Sits gently 

Wild Mind 
Churns relentlessly 

Wild Mind 
Shakes her head 

Wild Mind 
Opens space 

Wild Mind 
Fills with joy 

Wild Mind 

Wild Mind 

Wild Mind 

Wild Mind 

Wild Mind 

Attend to your Wild Mind
She has much to unravel, many stories to tell, many wisdom's to share of where your attention is and where it is spending it's time. 

When you know what she knows, 
then you can help her. 

When you know what she know, 
then you can attend to her distress 

When you know what she know . .
Then you can move toward peace. 

She will tell you what is taking up her space. She will tell you what you need to attend to. 

How do you attend to your wild mind? 
Here's one simple way you can do that right now before going on to the next thing. 


1. Sit still for 1 minute. Set your clock if you need to 
2. Breathe 
3. Every time you notice your mind thinking, just label it thinking. Say "thinking" 
(It will give you  something to do and help keep you focused!) 
4. Stretch 
5. Eat chocolate ;) (it's good to be surprised!) (and fun to celebrate your success!) 

You will notice your beautiful wild mind will share her struggles with you. She will let you know, what's up. She will show you where you need to pay attention. 

And . . . 

All she wants for you to do is to find your heart. Once you do, she will relax. 

So please . . . stop all you are doing right now. Take 1 minute and attend to your mind. 

You might feel a little lighter after you do ;) 

With an empty mind .. . 
I send you beautiful and wild love, 

~Elizabeth xo

PS . . . Want more access to this part of your self and free your self up? keep your eyes open for my online course that will be arriving soon or jump on my mailing list to be the first to hear. Join the tribe here.


Hi! I'm Elizabeth MacLeod. I'm the author of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards - An enchanting journey to your true self and other wild wonders.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people be more themselves without the guilt because that's what makes you smile deeply from the inside out.

(Because being who you are is like air is to oxygen and hearts are to love. And if you're wild, like me, it's the only way to feel vibrantly alive)

That's what I do.  And I'm not confused.

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