Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston - Did You Know - You Touched me Deeply

I keep thinking of Whitney Houston today. I saw her funeral yesterday.

I wonder why we wait until someone is dead to honour and celebrate them.

I sit here, in my little world, and allow myself to say... why write a blog about Whitney Houston? I didn't even know her.

Or did I?

When my father died back in the early 90's I saw her Movie 'The Body Guard" right after he died. It affected me so much that I came back to my childhood home and walked into my parents bedroom... looked in the mirror and just as I did that, the song "And I will always love you" came on the radio.

I'm telling you  . . . it rippled through me in a way no song ever had. I looked into my eyes and began to weep falling to my knees in tears that rolled through my body passing through every crevice of me so I could feel the depth of my love for my father in a way I never had.

I cried and cried and cried until it turned to sobs that had me on my knees and lost in a world of love and expanded into everything it could be.

My heart broke open.

Her song and her voice, with it's undeniable passion helped me penetrate my soul. I crashed down and broke open. I cleansed my soul and purified my spirit. And the beacon of love inside of me shone so brightly it pierced through every crack in my body defying all that my mind thought it knew.

I never forgot that night.

Every time I hear that song, I love. I open and I navigate back to myself.  And when the band comes in after her ac-cappella... my body shivers and I open more. Every time. And I fall into a gentle sway inside my self that soothes me. I feel loved, embraced. And when the words find their way inside my soul.... I open more. I expand into everything I am and my heart feels more than it thought it could in that moment. I feel happier and overcome.

So did I know her?

I knew the part of her that could hold a hand up to the Universe and channel something we can not understand. Yes, her voice was amazing, like the most beautiful Diva, but the depth she could feel and was willing to show us through her song, that would take over her body, that's what I heard most of all . . .  her vulnerable purity and direct line to the heavens.

Did I know her?

Not personally. But I knew the place in her that sang from her soul. I knew the place in her that could embrace the Divine in all it's glory. I knew that place in her that could transform simply by taking her gifts and sharing them with who ever was blessed enough to hear it. That place where her passion absorbed every inch of her. That place that could transcend this earthly plane and take us with her and expose the greater picture of our world, our life, our selves.

Did I know her?

I know the place where we question our worth, whether we matter or will we be liked? All of us have that at some time or another. We just sit in the fantasy that it's only our story. No matter what kinds of things we can or can not do, or what we bring to the world. Yes, I know that place of human frailty. It is a delicate place, no matter who you are.

So Whitney . . . here is what I want to tell you...

I hear Kevin Costner talk of you at your funeral about how you didn't know the basic questions we all ask ourselves but expect great talents like you to know. We forget, you too are human and have the same journey as us... He said you had questions like we all have:  Am I good enough? Will they like me? Do I matter?

Let me tell you now, dear Whitney... a woman you never knew, was touched by you at one of the most crucial times in her life, in a way that she has never forgotten.

Were you enough?

Oh my dear Whitney .  .  . far more than that for me.

Were you liked?

That never even crossed my mind.

Did you matter?

Oh Yes . . . You mattered more than you could ever know.

I thank you.

I thank you for singing, for bearing your heart, for allowing me to experience the kind of Grace through your song and through your voice that night, that allowed me into the sacred temple of my heart so that I could expand, the way your spirit expanded when you sang. I thank you for sharing your voice, your spirit, your power and your vulnerabilities, so that I may be further inspired to find mine.

I didn't know you in person, but you touched me. You touched me so deeply.

My thanks and with love,


P.S. I pulled a Wild Woman Mystery Card while writing this for Whitney. I got Wild Woman Brilliance. Oh, the perfection of it all. Here is an excerpt from Wild Woman Brilliance:

"Wild Woman Brilliance:   The answer is not outward. It is in the depths of your Wild Woman Goddess, the place inside that shines like no other. . . It is important for you to know that to brilliantly shine is your birthright passage."

This place of Brilliance . . . This is the place Whitney took me that night long ago.

I bow.

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Excerpt taken from the Wild Woman Mystery Cards by Elizabeth MacLeod.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Comes in the Most Unexpected Places!

Happy Valentine's Day Beautiful Wild Soul . . .

I had the most enchanting experience in my front yard a couple of summers ago that I just had to share with you today. One of the results of that time was discovering this little gem that came from the apple tree right outside my front door.

Sometimes I'm just stopped in my tracks at what Mother Nature creates and shares with us. I had to take a picture to try to capture the feeling of complete enchantment I felt. It was like picking up magic resting in the grass. 

But not only that . . .

. . . it was quite something it survived as I was being visited by my resident Mama Bear that year and she and her three kids were eating EVERYTHING in sight that summer! Even my garbage can went for walks!!!

One afternoon, I had the privilege of looking out my window to witness this bear family in action. Mostly, I didn't actually see them. I just knew they had been here. But this afternoon, I looked out the window to see one of the little kidlit bears was up in the tree knocking the apples down to her two siblings below who were gathering them with their mama. It was playful and intriguing and downright bubbly to watch.

I was sure they got them all and was quite tickled to have been able to witness this family act in my front yard (from behind the living room window with the door closed!!!) To witness this made my ordinary day quite extraordinary! It was such a gift.

Little did I know what had been left behind for me.

I came out the next morning to see they had feasted on all the apples, except 6 left on the ground. This apple above was one of the six. I bent down and looked at it again and again and again in disbelief, not only that there it was, with a heart imprinted on it, which in itself was unbelievable . . . but that somehow, there it was, not eaten, not taken and left here for me to find and left here out of every single apple in the tree!

Such magic to behold. Such simplicity of the universe in its inclusiveness. Bless her big Mama Bear heart for leaving this one behind for me!

I love, love, love, every little piece of this memory. The whole thing felt like such a blessing . . . And like a friend of mine says . . . You can't beat a good blessing!

Remember as your day goes along, keep a look out . . . 'cause it's true . . .  magic is everywhere. And when you find it . . .  love comes in the most unexpected places!

Have a great day!

Lots of Wild Mama Bear Love to you,


P.S. As a gift for yourself today go here to see what Wild Woman Mystery Card comes forward for you on this day of love.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Want to Get Rid of Painful Life Stories?

Expectations. Ever had any of those?

Me too! I got lost in my own made up fantasies over the holidays . . . and around me a field of disappointment prevailed. I didn't realize that by having expectations that not only did I knock myself out of the present, but I 'willed' my self out of my self. Did I know? NO! And if you had told me, I would have said, I was right and taken my mouse and hovered over delete and pushed you right out of the ball park!

But what is true?

Expectations are fantasies. They are not happening. My teacher said "They are something I put in the future like a carrot on a stick attached to a horses head that it will never get".... I see what she is saying. God, it's like the pink EverReady bunny banging the drum with no where to go!

The thing is there is nothing I can do about someone else. I can take care of myself, put up curtains in my kitchen and make a cozy place to sit and eat, and continue to do my best as I travel along my path, mistakes or not.

But see, the thing is, I have a habit of making up stories around people that disappoint me, saying that they are doing this or that and so on when I really don't know. I have a way of knocking myself out of the present so I don't have to feel the feelings that hurt me. So I make up stories about the person so I don't have to see what is really there, what they are really doing and see who they really are. Then I don't have to cry, scream, grieve, or fall to the floor feeling like I am not wanted.

The story seemed like the answer, but it only recycled onto itself, taking me on a spin like a gerbil on its wheel.

So now what? How do I get off the wheel?

Well, I prayed, rubbed my mala beads, worked with my teacher, talked to my beautiful wild soul sisters of great capacity to love and listen and strategize with me.

In the end, all of that 'stuff' doesn't matter. It's the beginning of something else, not the end. I rock my world when I show up... in the present.... letting go of the fantasy locked up in expectations and seeing what is real.

"Grieve . . . GRIEVE"  says the Wild. That is your work. That is your gift. That will take you to the other side where you are free.

So, really this is a prayer for the wild truth and our beautiful feelings that go with it. A prayer for that real, true place to surface and shine. A place for the being in you to evolve and thrive and love.

What's in it for me? The same that's in it for you.

With all the fantasizing to stay out of the feelings, we walk in a field of disappointment hovering over us like a dark cloud just about to pour with rain. Why not tip over into something new and dance in a field of satisfaction for who you are and the deep, DEEP blessing that we are divinely human and divinely doing our very best.

Stop the stories. Deal with what is real. Allow the feelings to be there and let them move through you. And let others be who they are whether you like it or not.

And . . . follow the love . Follow the places that make you happy. Follow that which is real. Let go of all else. Let it wash over you like a long wet rain on a hot summer day. Let the universe conspire in making the good things happen, the stuff that brings out the shine in you. And be surprised. You are worthy. You are enough. You are so loveable. Let go of all else.

The moral of this story:

Surprise yourself.

The lesson:

Let go of your habits.

The action:

Deal with what is real. Stop the stories.

What will you find?

Freedom. The story stops. You can't maintain the fantasy! It quits on you like the most loving and gifted present and is given to you with a freedom unexpected. Because if you expected it, you probably would have traveled in this direction in the first place!

Then what?

Shaman yourself. Be the bridge from the fantasy to the reality. And allow yourself to feel... feel with all your might so you can transform and ignite. Because when you ignite, when the wild in you gets all fired up and let loose.... you will trust yourself like an arrow to a bulls-eye, like a rocket to a star, like a bud blossoming to a rose.

Let go. LET GO!

Set pure intention and let that be your support. GO WILD! See what's there . . . and allow yourself to swim in the sea of goodness and light surrounded by a conspiracy of the Universe to catapult you into that real, true, powerful place that is POWERED BY YOU. That is the place to be. Not where someone else wants to take you or what you want from someone else.

I trust we'll arrive, fully clothed (or not!)

. . . and feeling satisfied that the journey was one of great value and great learning on the path to our best and most wild selves. I trust you will arrive in good form at the end of the day... because you are a good person. That is they way you came into this wild world, and that is how you are now.

Want a little spiritual guidance?

Stop. Take a deep breath into your belly. Let in the support and ask, what do I need to know right now? Ready? Good...

Now, what do you need to know?

Click here and see what comes forward for you.

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If you know anyone in your life struggling with expectations and needing a little guidance, please forward this email on.

Many Blessings Beautiful Wild Soul . . .

My thanks for you being in my life.

~Elizabeth xo

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P.P.S.S. This picture above was taken by my amazing and most talented photographer friend - Erica Smith of North Vancouver, BC! So stunning!!
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