Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Cricket's Song

I was so moved by this . . . I wanted to share it with you on this Christmas Day. It is amazing what is around us all the time in our Wild Temple we call Earth. It is a beautiful Thing. May your Christmas be filled with such beauty.

Sending you many Wild and Wonder-filled Blessings. 

Merry Christmas Wild One . . . 


~Elizabeth xo

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magic in the Sky - the Dancing Dakini's!

Magic was everywhere tonight! This is my front yard as the day was turning to night. It was misty outside and so magical, and I was in the midst of computer duldrums and necessary tasks of the day, and actually feeling somewhat tired and stressed as the day was coming to a close. I realized that soon the misty magic of the Halfmoon Bay forest was about to fall into night and be gone.

I felt a pull to go outside to see if I could capture the Harry Potter feel just outside my door. It was magnificent and right out my window all day. I could feel my mood lift just at the thought of going out in it! As I went out, I was thinking "If I could capture this beauty, I could share it with everyone on Facebook." And my mundane mood began to lift even more. The adventure began. I wasn't aware of what was about to happen.

I pointed my camera to the South west and my flash went on, even though there was still some daylight. "Hmmm" I thought. I checked out the picture that was just taken.

To my surprise, my pictures didn't turn out that way at all. The magic out there was so phenomenal it stunned me.  My picture was filled with little orbs or what I know better known as Dakinis. I pointed my camera and took another shot as to the naked eye, it was a clear beautiful, misty kind of day, turning into night.  There were no little orbs, no beautiful Dakinis as I pointed my camera into the forest sky . . .  only trees on a clear misty dawning twilight.

Again, more! And I pointed it again. And again, more! I ran around the house, pointing my camera into the sky...and more and more...

I can't help but think that perhaps the unusual pull to go out with my camera, to leave my computer and my daily tasks, to slide on my blue crocs and go out in the cold . . .  sweaterless . . .  to capture the moment . . . was because the energy and love surronding my home was abundantly beautiful, fully supporting, magically uplifting. It was all around me even though invisable to my naked eye.

The way of the wild . . . that place that calls us for some reasons that we just can't logically know . . . makes me believe even more in the unseen, in our primal instincts, our qualified intuition and the magic and power of our knowing that lives in us at all times, even when we are on the computer! Had I not listened to the pull, I would have missed this and stayed in my humdrum space and missed sharing it with you!

Dakinis are described as a "female embodiment of enlightened energy."* This makes brilliant sense to me.  I will share with you a picture of my den, filled with Dakini's on the inside from a few years ago.... check it out below!  They are there, just a little harder to see so I closed the curtain to the window to see if they would show a little more... you can see one on the top of the couch and then another over by the yellow curtain and a few little ones on the blue wall. No those are not spots on the wall, they are little Dakini's!

Here you can see many too! No, those are not spots on the blue wall!

So they have been here for a while showing up and sharing the enlightened energy. Here are a couple more pictures from outside tonight. They were everywhere. I took pictures from all angles wondering if they would keep showing up! And they did...over and over again. This one below is the driveway where the driveway doesn't even show! This is completely unusual. There is no driveway here, but really, there is a driveway out there, right in the middle... This is to the Southeast.

Even  my wee warrior cat Reilly came to join me so I thought I'd take a picture to see if they still would show... here we are together... surrounded!!!  Not a great picture but you get the magical drift!!!  Look at the mist and the orbs! 

I feel so supported, fully held, magical transformed, beautifully adventurous, and incredibly blessed. There is magic all around tonight...and I couldn't wait to share it with you.
*"In Tibetan language, Dakini is "rendered Khandroma which means "she who traverses the sky" or 'she who moves in space'" Sometimes in poetry we hear people use terms like 'Sky Dancer' or 'Sky Walker'. Tonight, my sky dances, and she who traveres the sky is here with me for me to see and acknowledge and share and take part in. I can feel my energy lifting higher and higher.

Here are a few more for you... They were everywhere! I'm speechless! 

 And here they are from the North . . . above the roof and into the forest . . .

For the last picture of many, I will leave you with the Blue Spruce to the west on my property as it gives the feel of Christmas. You can see my house to the right just barely!   It was a magical moment filled with wonder. . . the sky clear to the naked eye as twilight was approaching and filled with the unseen magic we all possess at all times that my little canon camera picked up. This is available to us always, if we just listen to that inner pull, that little niggle to do something a little differently from before....we can always access this a little more easily than we think and it can be right in your front yard!

 I hope you also experience much magic this holiday season. As we dive into the first week of December, I can't help but think, this is what is around us all the time. Beauty, magic, love coming in many forms. Tonight, I experienced being embraced in a way I never imagined. 

I wish the same for you. 

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*These quotes I've taken from Wikipedia and their definitions of  Dakini's. Just click here on Dakinis, if you'd like to know more and it will take you right to it.

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