Sunday, December 7, 2014

Come Step into the Wild with Me . . . A Holiday Special just for you!

Beautiful Wild Woman...

My friend Sue Ann Gleason  said to me yesterday she's the type of person that buys these kinds of decks (angel and tarot decks) and leaves them on her book shelf and that keeps her from purchasing more. I thought a lot about what she was asking and her request for connection with me over the deck. She said that a 20 minute session with me would be a "no brainer". I thought a lot about this, and found myself wandering in this wonder-filled idea. And so I make a special holiday offer to you (and to you Sue Ann!)

I used to do the same thing, buy decks and keep them on my book shelf, and would have LOVED to talk with the creator or even anyone about how to do it or what they are about or even questions about me and using the cards to do it.

So here's the deal, if you buy a set of the Wild Woman Mystery Cards by Monday, December 15th, 2014, I will give you a 20 minutes with me absolutely free, where you can have a reading, or ask me any questions you like about the cards so they don't just sit on your shelf, but that you really REALLY use them. We can do this by skype or telephone or FB chat or even email. We will set aside a time together and just do it. Informal, sacred and profound. You and me.

 If this is you and you want these cards and would love to talk with me about them... then hit the link and make your purchase. When you get your confirmation of your order, just hit reply and say.. "Elizabeth, it's me, Wild Woman. When can we connect about the cards" or something to that affect and I'll set you up with a time. I'll know you are part of the tribe and have seen this offer, or have a friend who has told you about it and that's good too! Definitely spread the joy. It's open to all Wild Women.  How does that sound?

Go here to buy your Wild Woman Mystery Cards  now. Don't miss this rare opportunity! I can't wait to talk with you and share the cards with you ... and answer any questions you have. I'm so excited!

Go get them Wild Woman. Let's create magic together! (and yes, you can buy them for a friend. Just tell me who and I'll write up a little note telling her about her free 20 minutes with me.

What a great Christmas gift for your self or dear friend.

Thanks for asking Sue Ann. :) I think you spoke the words of many. Buy your deck here and get your free 20 minutes with me now.

Can't wait to hear your voice Wild Woman!

Yours in the wild,

With love,

~Elizabeth xo

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