Monday, October 3, 2011

6 Ways to Blossom from Nothing

Sometimes, I long for her. The irony being that when she does come to visit, I sometimes criticize her and can't stop what I'm doing to truly allow her purpose in my life to shine. I sometimes want to judge her. She appears to the naked eye to be unengaged and resistant. Her demeanor is often seen as lazy or uncommitted. But truly, that is so far from her truth.

Do you know her? Her name is 'Nothing' and she is the great teacher of acceptance and allowing all that is. She truly is a master of self care. As keen as an owl in her wisdom, she knows deeply that to be who she is meant to be, space is required. Allowing things to sift, is something Wanting has some difficulty with. She is not as patient, and often likes to try to push her into things before she is ready. But that doesn't seem to bother her. She just sits doing anything but something for as long as she does.

Her mind is clear and when she sits back with her eyes closed and her to do lists and vision boards awaiting her attention, she smiles at the knowledge that her presence is necessary for all of it to be genuinely completed in her truth. She knows, that if she is to really be available to herself, she needs to dream, she needs to sit staring at the wall,  she needs to empty out her mind and let go of what it thinks she should do.

Breathing is a daily practice for her. It opens her heart and frees her spirit allowing her to rest inside of herself.

She likes to veg while her lists grow and her vision board sits on the wall. She knows without a doubt, that Passion, her next door neighbour, eagerly awaits  her visit. 

One day, when you least expect it, you might find Nothing sitting on your doorstep, especially after days of busyness, melting from the sun, empty mind, like the great buddha's teachings, inviting you to join her. She may take you away from your daily tasks  and to the beach, or to watch a movie on TV even though your lists grow longer.  She'll sit there for long stretches of time, knowing that in any moment, the gift of her passage of time will emerge and she will bubble over with joy when she hears you singing your song and moving from the inside out filled with a motivation you didn't think was possible a few moments before. Because when she hears it, she knows, her work is done.

She only wishes though, that resistance wasn't quite so tenacious. She knows that where there is no resistance, there is no harm. And that is her greatest teaching. When she achieves that, she and everyone around her is so free that rejuvenation of spirit reaches quantum leaps and there is nothing that can stop a dream from flying or a person from truly taking care of themselves in every sense of the word so they can fly into the person they are meant to be.

She is one of my best friends. And one day, maybe I could introduce her to you so you can reap the benefits of her calling on your door step, seducing you into her lull and empty nest of wonder. She is so very beautiful and so very full, even though her desire is emptiness. She knows something so many of us fight  . . . that it is in the empty spaces the Divine passes through you and you come in contact with Divine in all her glory, in all her beauty, in all her creativity, in all her embrace. Such service to you is her passion.

How can you meet her?
1. Allow all activities to stop
2. Notice your breath
3. Let yourself sit or lie down with no distraction
4. Surrender into the abyss
5. Breathe
6. Stay there awhile

When you do, you will totally fall in love with her . . . and she will love you so much you will not be able to do anything else but blossom.

I adore her . . . and find I miss her when she is gone for too long.

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Copyright 2011 Elizabeth MacLeod

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