Saturday, October 25, 2014

Move Wild Woman Move ... Here's Why!

Dear Beautiful Wild Woman . . .

In just a few short days, I'm moving to live by the sea…. I can hardly wait. And the animal life and the great huge stones and the moving Ocean Goddess just out my front door is so wild, it's like I'm right inside it.  And two Eagles live in the tall tree next door!) I feel like I'm being called home.

And, I'm going to miss my enchanted woods and all that I learned here from the wilderness of the forest, the bears, the deer, the rats and mice and chipmunks and little grass snakes scooting by (if they made it by my little lioness Reilly). It's so still, ancient, wise, and grounding in the woods. It was beautiful to be here. And so many wishes came true her on this land.  Must be because of all the urban sunflowers that grew so beautifully here ;) .

I have a new appreciation and love of trees as well. I feel like I am leaving my friends. I could tell you some cool stories . . . Remind me to tell you the one where the tree bent over for me one day. *sigh* such fullness. Being nurtured in the wild, there is nothing like it. I always felt like they were watching over me….And Reilly loved it too.They watched over her too. She's still here at 14 years old and being outside. Here she is, watching over 'her' land, keeping us protected and safe. Daisy always watched her out the window. And if she got out, Reilly would appear out of the blue from wherever she was in the forest and run in the door to get me so I would know. Looking after her family.  She looks so wise here, don't you think?!


There are so many treasures in our homes and so many you find when you pack up your home!

Taking this with me to my new home by the sea  … My niece made it for me when she was around 5 years old.

I had a beautiful black with a little bit of white cat named Caleigh at the time who she adored… Caleigh liked her too (me three!) . . . 

And when she gave it to me she said "I made it for you last year Lizzie, but I couldn't give it to you until now because I loved it too much"  ….. 

You know how when you move you let go of things and throw things out and start fresh… Well, I'm doing that, with many things… brutal throwing out… but then I came to this shelf…. and smiled a huge smile… so not with this little gem…She's coming with me!


And I keep finding these little gems as I pack up my home of 14 years and get ready to move on Tuesday… Here is my Mom's favorite cook book… the Joy of Cooking.

She gave one to me when I left home as I think many Mom's did back then . . .  but I kept this when she died because of all the things she kept inside… like… she wrote, "my favorite cookbook. Engagement gift from Mrs. MacLeod and Margaret (Muckie) . 1957."

 And she even wrote in the back of it that my brother Stuart was 61/4ft on March 5, 1976. And how to cook a turkey dinner for 24 people that she wrote about in 1966…

She did a lot of these kind of things… like we were suppose to find them. Like little treasures of her, many, many years later. I mean, really how does one throw this stuff out?

So, I didn't. She too, is coming with me. I will still  have 2 'Joy of Cooking' in my home. She didn't make the cut!


There is something very special about moving ... something deep and timely, something wonder filled... something that takes you on a journey, no matter what you 'think' you are doing!

I get to remember, to forget, to let go, to attach. I get to find new ways, clear things out, and just say "fuck it" and throw it in the box, because I just can't do it anymore.

I get to go to bed and dream about newness. I get to walk around my home and feel gratitude for oldness.

I get to be excited about a new path. (Oh, the freshness I get to experience) And feel sadness about leaving my old one. (Like the day I felt sad when I realized that my Mom wouldn't know where I lived. She knew and loved this place and doesn't know the new one. She died 10 years ago. A new level of grief, unexpected and realized.

All of this. Every wild moment, seems to be an adventure, changing like the tides as I embrace my whole life, sort it in to boxes, and find it again when it's time to place it somewhere meaningful and full of love.

This is a time I get to reassess what's important to me, connect with what matters, and release any expectations.

Today, I think, maybe we should 'move' more often so we can let ourselves go wild inside and look around our home and see our wildness strewn all over the place! Yes, the wild ... she's everywhere. And when you are moving... she IS everywhere. In your house. In your bed. In your dreams. In your boxes. In your aching body. In your movement. In your exactness. In your lackadaisical mood. In your 'fuck it'. In your 'Oh, this is so cute, I have to keep it because I love it and how it makes me feel'.


The wild is having her way with me as I do what it takes to move homes. The home in myself is reassess. My heart gets opened and closed. My brain gets baked. My body gets overdone. My soul lights on fire. My spirit breathes a new breath. My voice sings many songs.

And although I'm tired with so much to do, I admit, the excitement ways out the stresses it brings to face your life in this way. I'm in love with my wild life. I love what I'm leaving. And I love where I'm going. And yeah, sometimes I'm not in love with the present moment, when I just don't know whether I should pack that 'thing' or not to pack that 'thing'... but in the end, the outcome is perfection as I continually birth anew.

And, I'm taking the lesson and gifts in...

Blessed be Wild Woman. Blessed be.

With love,


PS  ... And with all this that is happening... I just exported 15 ten minutes videos for my new online Wild Woman E-course that is coming up ... there really is something about 'moving' that really makes you move... on all levels!!!


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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Falling Face First in the Mud is the Messiest - And it's Where you Find this - That is if you are Brave


It is for those whose faces fall flat in the mud and pulled themselves out. Those people who say things like…. oh' just let it go', 'if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger', or 'I just say to myself blah blah blah' blah'  ….    Tell these folks to take a hike.

For those of us who have tripped and had a hard time getting up again, with swollen ankles and scraped knees…. wounded hearts…  we know differently. We know we will rise again because we know the path, but we also know that we will be covered in the mud, face flat hardly breathing, driven into the kind of pain that rips you apart and takes the guts of your insides with it.

But we know, because we are still here, that we will rise up through the fire of hell on Earth. That there is something greater that helps us pull through....  But for those who live on the surface, in the grey zone, thinking they are happy and have it all figured out…. maybe they think they are doing it… but it's not true wisdom…They are the ones that  talk the talk but don't walk the walk….. Don't get confused by these people.

Wisdom is attained through being torn upside down and somehow coming right side up again. It comes from screaming and crying and holding on for dear life and letting go and falling down so fast and hard that you couldn't breathe when you hit the floor. Bam! With a gasp that barely finds air.

What I've learned has come from broken hearts, scraped knees, tornadoes of the soul and deflated spirit. It comes from falling down a hole so big I couldn't find my way to the stairs to get me up. It's come from not knowing a thing anymore because the floor was ripped away from my feet just when I needed it most. It comes from not knowing how to love again when my heart has been smashed beyond repair. And it comes from rising, when I didn't think I could. From being brave enough to find where it's safe again. From letting someone hold me in my most vulnerable places. From allowing my self to be seen, even if I felt as if I was going to die from it.

This is what guts are made of. Guts of the soul. Guts of life. Guts of bravery. Guts of a flaming heart. Guts of a Wild Woman.

And I wouldn't change it. I wouldn't change it because it made me who I am and what I love about where I've arrived and who I've become. I know that everyday I'm becoming … even more. It is a journey without destination.

But had someone told me some words of empty so-called wisdom... when my face was down in the mud, covered in dirt and missing a shoe I would have known they hadn't passed through the initiation into their own life. That they were living a fantasy from which they felt they should rise, not from where they actual rose. That their falseness had no place in my blatant reality.

You see, the thing is… you can feel it when a person says they know or when they have the ability to just be with you, and see you. Trust this knowing, even face down in the mud...or rather because you are face down in the mud.

I might think I want to be 'fixed' or to allow it to just pass by, but who would I be with out the dark night of the soul. It has brought me deep into the depths of my life, deep into the places that can only be reached when you trip on your path or find yourself, bum flat, heart burning, tears aching. It's then  the you that you are becoming finds her way onto her path like no one could ever tell you… and it's then that all that you need comes to you, because you are where you are suppose to be. How could I have ever written the Wild Woman Mystery Cards, without first being face down in the mud, covered by the earth, and buried in pain, traveling the trenches, seeking that which I needed to find and then pass it along?

How could I have loved my self now, had I not been real about what I was feeling?

I admit, I have been fortunate to have the best friends. Without them, I don't know if I would have made it through some of the rights of passage in my life…. but ultimately, I also know, it's what I needed to allow me to step into my destiny, with fervor and peace and excitement… cause I know, what it's like on the other side.

As one of my Shaman teachers said to me one day while working together "With that much pain, there is much joy on the other side." She said it just at the right moment. After tears that could fill the universe and anger that could rip out a heart. But I knew she knew. I could see it in the light in her eyes, in the conviction of her tone, in her wise timing with me, and the smile on her face. A compassion filled with hard won wisdom and knowing. It was real. Her words had teeth. Her wisdom reached inside. She knew.

Know this Wild Woman ... Be brave. Do what is right for you. Honor all those places and don't let even one person skim over it like it was the cream on the latte. It is not. It is hard and not to be skimmed over like it never happened and hidden like you can't say it. No. It is what it is. No lies. No fantasy. It's real.

Be brave. Let your self feel your reality and know it is where hard won wisdom is born.

Seek those who also have mud and guck on their faces from the depths of the journey and lived in the horror of some strange freak turn in their life. It's those people you want to be part of your tribe.

They are the ones that have the compass.

With love.... real, deep love.... 


~Elizabeth xo


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