Saturday, October 25, 2014

Move Wild Woman Move ... Here's Why!

Dear Beautiful Wild Woman . . .

In just a few short days, I'm moving to live by the sea…. I can hardly wait. And the animal life and the great huge stones and the moving Ocean Goddess just out my front door is so wild, it's like I'm right inside it.  And two Eagles live in the tall tree next door!) I feel like I'm being called home.

And, I'm going to miss my enchanted woods and all that I learned here from the wilderness of the forest, the bears, the deer, the rats and mice and chipmunks and little grass snakes scooting by (if they made it by my little lioness Reilly). It's so still, ancient, wise, and grounding in the woods. It was beautiful to be here. And so many wishes came true her on this land.  Must be because of all the urban sunflowers that grew so beautifully here ;) .

I have a new appreciation and love of trees as well. I feel like I am leaving my friends. I could tell you some cool stories . . . Remind me to tell you the one where the tree bent over for me one day. *sigh* such fullness. Being nurtured in the wild, there is nothing like it. I always felt like they were watching over me….And Reilly loved it too.They watched over her too. She's still here at 14 years old and being outside. Here she is, watching over 'her' land, keeping us protected and safe. Daisy always watched her out the window. And if she got out, Reilly would appear out of the blue from wherever she was in the forest and run in the door to get me so I would know. Looking after her family.  She looks so wise here, don't you think?!


There are so many treasures in our homes and so many you find when you pack up your home!

Taking this with me to my new home by the sea  … My niece made it for me when she was around 5 years old.

I had a beautiful black with a little bit of white cat named Caleigh at the time who she adored… Caleigh liked her too (me three!) . . . 

And when she gave it to me she said "I made it for you last year Lizzie, but I couldn't give it to you until now because I loved it too much"  ….. 

You know how when you move you let go of things and throw things out and start fresh… Well, I'm doing that, with many things… brutal throwing out… but then I came to this shelf…. and smiled a huge smile… so not with this little gem…She's coming with me!


And I keep finding these little gems as I pack up my home of 14 years and get ready to move on Tuesday… Here is my Mom's favorite cook book… the Joy of Cooking.

She gave one to me when I left home as I think many Mom's did back then . . .  but I kept this when she died because of all the things she kept inside… like… she wrote, "my favorite cookbook. Engagement gift from Mrs. MacLeod and Margaret (Muckie) . 1957."

 And she even wrote in the back of it that my brother Stuart was 61/4ft on March 5, 1976. And how to cook a turkey dinner for 24 people that she wrote about in 1966…

She did a lot of these kind of things… like we were suppose to find them. Like little treasures of her, many, many years later. I mean, really how does one throw this stuff out?

So, I didn't. She too, is coming with me. I will still  have 2 'Joy of Cooking' in my home. She didn't make the cut!


There is something very special about moving ... something deep and timely, something wonder filled... something that takes you on a journey, no matter what you 'think' you are doing!

I get to remember, to forget, to let go, to attach. I get to find new ways, clear things out, and just say "fuck it" and throw it in the box, because I just can't do it anymore.

I get to go to bed and dream about newness. I get to walk around my home and feel gratitude for oldness.

I get to be excited about a new path. (Oh, the freshness I get to experience) And feel sadness about leaving my old one. (Like the day I felt sad when I realized that my Mom wouldn't know where I lived. She knew and loved this place and doesn't know the new one. She died 10 years ago. A new level of grief, unexpected and realized.

All of this. Every wild moment, seems to be an adventure, changing like the tides as I embrace my whole life, sort it in to boxes, and find it again when it's time to place it somewhere meaningful and full of love.

This is a time I get to reassess what's important to me, connect with what matters, and release any expectations.

Today, I think, maybe we should 'move' more often so we can let ourselves go wild inside and look around our home and see our wildness strewn all over the place! Yes, the wild ... she's everywhere. And when you are moving... she IS everywhere. In your house. In your bed. In your dreams. In your boxes. In your aching body. In your movement. In your exactness. In your lackadaisical mood. In your 'fuck it'. In your 'Oh, this is so cute, I have to keep it because I love it and how it makes me feel'.


The wild is having her way with me as I do what it takes to move homes. The home in myself is reassess. My heart gets opened and closed. My brain gets baked. My body gets overdone. My soul lights on fire. My spirit breathes a new breath. My voice sings many songs.

And although I'm tired with so much to do, I admit, the excitement ways out the stresses it brings to face your life in this way. I'm in love with my wild life. I love what I'm leaving. And I love where I'm going. And yeah, sometimes I'm not in love with the present moment, when I just don't know whether I should pack that 'thing' or not to pack that 'thing'... but in the end, the outcome is perfection as I continually birth anew.

And, I'm taking the lesson and gifts in...

Blessed be Wild Woman. Blessed be.

With love,


PS  ... And with all this that is happening... I just exported 15 ten minutes videos for my new online Wild Woman E-course that is coming up ... there really is something about 'moving' that really makes you move... on all levels!!!


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Susie Mordoh said...

I can't wait until you reveal your new home! You are in what feels like a time capsule that you get to rediscover. Once you take the gems to your new space you might display them differently, like jewelry ;)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I think I will! the reveal is coming… oh man, it's beautiful… the first thing my friend said when she got out of the car today was… "omg… you have eagles' !!! they live next door and made lots of noise when we drove up!!!!

Julia McPherson said...
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Julia said...

Good luck in your new home! I actually love moving as it's clearing a path to what you want and weeding out the things not needed anymore. This weekend we rearranged both my husband and my own tiny offices, and I'm feeling much lighter and more focused! Go forth and do great work!

Bon said...

First off, it's a delight to read your words again. Been away too long, in my own chaos and wonder.

Next, Reilly is gorgeous and very wise, indeed.

Finally, I have said that I wish we had/have moved more, as we've been in the same place now for more than a decade and there's just so much STUFF that I wish had been packed up, moved, sorted through, donated, passed along, tossed out, treasured differently, etc., and all the joyful things that come from that spirit rushing through as we go through the moving process.

I'm going to find a way to create that energy without a move, thanks to your post. Wish me luck!

MUCH love to you and cannot wait to see the rest of this. :)

Lori said...

I view moving as a wonderful catharsis where we are letting go and beginning anew. It's an adventure with hidden promises yet to be revealed. It is also exhausting on so many levels. Take it slow and savory the experience of unpacking and reorganizing. Best wishes in your new "wild woman" home with Reilly!

Michelle said...

Woman, your life is wild and enchanting indeed. *sigh*

I feel giddy inside when I hear about your move. I want to jump up and down.

You know what. Let me do just that. Allow me to put my computer down for a sec.

(much literal jumping up and down here)

O.k. I'm back. That felt good.

And this move feels good.

I can't wait to come visit you. :-))))

Love, M

Maria Davis said...

Bless you Elizabeth for paving the way for the "wild woman" within us all. I have been looking around lately at my wild habitat and it is time to declutter and feel into the wildness more. It feels freeing and quality is better than quantity. Or throw out the old to make room for the new - now what am I talking about - I think it was "insights' rather than things. Hope the move is effortless and cant wait to visit the enchanted world of the world woman. xx

Dana O'Dell said...

Oh dear lady awesome way to honor your the cookbook and hidden treasures. Sentimental items could fill entire journals I think. Looking forward to the reveal, and maybe I will plan another visit for tea and some cackling for a day when you get settled..XO

Sue Ann Gleason said...

I get very "attached" to my homes and find it difficult to leave the nest. I love what you shared here about the wild within and how, perhaps, we should move more often so that we can embrace the adventure. Be well, Elizabeth and enjoy your new space.

april said...

love the photo of wise beautiful reilly. and love the sentiments found within your mom's beloved cookbook.
my big move last year (when my family gave up our permanent residence) was a somewhat unexpected metamorphosis for me. i finally went through over 90 boxes of memories that i'd been hauling all over the country with me for years. it was an unbelievable cleansing process that i am still unraveling.

Cathy Sykora said...

Moving is such an exciting process! I hope you are able to savor every moment. I love hearing about the process of letting go of some, keeping some, and your experience in the moment. It sounds like your transition is going to be fantastic! Enjoy the journey!

Anonymous said...
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