Sunday, November 9, 2014

One Great Way to Free your Wild Self from the Past

I finally landed in my new home by the sea..... It is unbelievable, and undeniably a crazy experience to MOVE! 14 years in one place, means so many precious treasures... but, none the less, an opportunity for letting go and opening into.... And let go I did... even a picture drawn of me by a street artist in Italy (pictured above) when I was 19 years old traveling with my mother by pack back. (I carried the pack!)

It was in her house since then and although I had it after her death for the past 10 and a half years, I never put it on the wall! So, after putting it aside, for a while, throwing other things out, some easliy and some a little more difficult... and not sure if it should go, as I neared the end of this journey at my old house and consciously knew I was opening to the new...

I asked myself... Is this yours.. or your mom's memory?

I smiled. It was partly mine... but it wasn't mine to hold onto. It wasn't my precious spot like it was to her.

and so... I took this pictures.... and...

I put it in the truck to go to the dump.

WOW. And I felt it. Emotionally. As if it was tangible. A conscious decision. A hard decision. A good decision. A decision filled with good-bye.

And yet, a loved decision. Filled with it. Appreciation abundant. And so, it is now gone...along with 2 truck loads of stuff to the dumpity dump! Have you ever done that?... Just let go! What a feeling. Not easy... lots of downs and end of the rope kind of emotions ... and yet, when done, it clears things out in a way you could now describe until it's done.

A brave release into the depths of my own Universe. A beautiful tribute to a life well lived and waiting for more to come. Opening into more beauty.

These were really my mothers memories... not mine. I mean, I did have the experience...but it wasn't the picture I had on my wall for many years... it was a picture SHE had on HER wall for many years.

We need to carry our own memories and keep with us what is dear to us... and not hold on to the memories that are dear to others. That is for them to do....


When in doubt, ask yourself ... "Is this my memory, or someone elses'?"

Your answer will give you the direction you need to go.

Even if it means, letting go of something your mother or someone dear to you, loved doing with you. She'll still love you. And she wants you to have your own memories. Let yourself have your own memories. They feed you, nurture you, bring light to you...

Even if it means, sending it to the dumpity dump, dump!

In a magical moment... transformation swirls... and creation rings with truth …

Yours in the wild,

~Elizabeth xo

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Kathleen Naomi Atkins said...

First, big congrats Elizabeth on the move! I understand what you're saying... for me, I'm the opposite as I have lived in my current house over five years now, which is the longest I've lived anywhere since H.S. With so many moves, I do often go through 'things' to see why I'm holding on to it and if I need it and often let go - it's just things, yet it's hard to let go and does feel freeing when you do :)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, sure does feel freeing Kathleen! I never in a million years thought I'd be in the last place for 14 years, so I slowly accumulated! Longest I have ever lived in one place since leaving my childhood home! I'm still throwing things out as I unpack! Finding myself thinking about the next ineviditable move one day that will happen! This time, only what has a home in the home stays…. Such a cleansing … and something I've wanted to do for a lonnng time! :)

Sue Ann Gleason said...

Congratulations, love! You are in your new home... lighter and lovelier. Brava. Tonight my husband and I had one of our typical conversations: Me: I think it's time we clean out the heating air ducts, my allergies are getting the best of me. He: Let's move. NO. Anything but that. I get so attached to my home. I love it that you can let go of articles and artifacts that are no longer yours to carry. I imagine you drinking a cup of tea in your new home by the sea, clutter-free.

Elizabeth said...

Sue Ann I can't WAIT until I'm clutter free…but yes, I'm definitely on my way!

Feels good….

Yeah… clean the ducks… way more simple ;) xo

april said...

oh, elizabeth, can i ever relate to this! i spent several months before we let of our permanent residence going through boxes. ninety of them. (yes, 9-0!) it was one of the hardest things i've ever done. it was like watching my whole life replay before my very eyes. and i parted with so very much. (in fact, i'm still grieving a few items that, in hindsight, i probably wasn't ready to let go of yet.) happy happy seaside housewarming and lots of hugs to you from across the miles . . .

Elizabeth said...

I so know what you mean April … I don't know how many boxes I had/have… but 90 is a lot! so much letting go… I know some things I too let go and must still grieve. and others… it's a relief…

Thanks so much for the housewarming hugs… xoox

Michelle said...

What a poignant post, Elizabeth.

I feel as though I'm about to burst inside every time you mention your home by the sea. It sounds like the most magical place on earth.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks Michelle...The big reveal is coming!

Deb Lange said...

Well done - and yes, whose dream are you carrying around is such an important question! One thing I don't have to worry about is clutter!v I have moved so many times - and the last time when I solid my house I sold all my furniture, crockery - everything - that is 3 and 1/2 years ago now1 I can';t believe it! I travelled overseas for the first couple of years and in Australia this last 18 months. It is my intention to be settled again by end of 2016. This time I would like to settle for the next 30 years in one spot, create community etc etc - In the meantime - my body is my home! Love to you and your home! xxx

Maria Davis said...

The release and realisation came as I was reading the blog - what a gift - is this yours or someone else's memory - so much wisdom. Thank you xx